Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan A Partie 2)

According to the PDSA, the cat must have “happily eaten the new food for at least three days” before moving onto the next stage involving increasing the amount of new food and decreasing the old.

I assume by this that Catorze needs to have eaten most, or all, of the Thrive served over a three-day period. Cat Daddy, however, thinks it just means SOME consumption on each of the three days. My sister says “Whatever is normal for your cat” which could mean anything or nothing, since Catorze wouldn’t know “normal” if it kicked him up the arse.

As we didn’t seem to be making progress with Plan A, I decided to make arrangements for Plan B. And, whilst purchasing Plan B, I took the liberty of also acquiring the wherewithal for Plan C, after a MONUMENTAL search to find one website that sold both. Trust me, this took some doing, given Sa Maj’s very exacting requirements.

Cat Daddy said I should have waited until seeing the results of Plan A before investing the kingly sums of £5.99 and £6.99 respectively in Plans B and C. However, had I done that, as well as paying twice for delivery, we would have been rapidly running down our last pack of Lily’s Kitchen Marvellously Mature – of which there were precious few left in the world the last time I dared to look – in the time it took for each Plan to arrive.

Anyway, within hours of me placing the order for Plans B and C, naturellement Catorze decided that he would comply with Plan A after all.

Plan B and Plan C will arrive tomorrow and, most likely, will just sit uselessly in Catorze’s food cupboard. That said, we know full well, don’t we, that the minute we donate them to nicer less fortunate cats elsewhere, Catorze will stage a brand new French Revolution and stop complying with Plan A.

And, to add to our woes, the little sod’s skin is looking worse than ever, so he was back to the maximum dose of two steroid pills per day as from yesterday. We don’t know how this could have happened. We have been doing EVERYTHING right.

I know, it’s exhausting to read all this. Imagine how we feel having to live with it.

Incidentally, I’m still not drinking; after the success of Dry February and Dry March, I’ve decided to try for Dry April, too. I’m not sure whether a couple of bottles of Crémant would make this situation worse … or much, much better.

Enjoying his kingdom whilst we scrabble around like idiots trying to feed and heal him.

14 thoughts on “Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan A Partie 2)

    1. It usually starts in winter and goes through to spring. Weirdly during peak pollen season he’s fine!


  1. Remember: when cats/aliens invade the earth and enslave or kill all humans, they will remember your sacrifices and kindness to one of their owns and maybe spare your life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate to break this to you, but they already have invaded the earth. They communicate telepathically with the help of The Mothership via their microchips, and they are just waiting for the right moment to attack. 🐈‍⬛ 👽 🛸


      1. I think of the ones already here as ambassadors, investigators, mind readers, foot soldiers, and test subjects, those who are getting the earth ready for the final invasion 😀

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    1. Don’t feel sorry for him! He’s having a fine old time, doing his thing whilst we run around after him. 🤣🤣🤣


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