La nouvelle nouvelle assiette

I promise I wasn’t posting about the broken bowl to elicit gifts – mainly because Louis Catorze is an idiot and doesn’t deserve gifts – but thank you to everyone who has spent time looking for a new bowl for him since the sad demise of his fancy French one.

I have received many suggestions for replacement bowls ranging from modern artisan numbers to antique pieces more suited to a museum display cabinet, and perhaps Catorze felt that a saucer from Wilko (non-Brits: ask your more downmarket British friends) was beneath him. Much of our crockery and cookware is from Wilko and it serves us perfectly well, but maybe that’s the point: if it’s good enough for us serving bitches, it’s not fitting for the Sun King.

However, we know, don’t we, that had I bought Catorze one of the expensive platters that you recommended, he would have sniffed it, looked at me as if to say “… The hell do you call THIS?” and walked away.

HELL, nope.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the gorgeous Sammypuss and his Cat Daddy, Alex, who very kindly sent Catorze a new bowl (below) and some TRÈS fancy treats (which were licked once, then respectfully declined). Since the little sod appears to have a preference for food pellets in one neat pile, rather than scattered around the plate, I have a feeling he will like this bowl better than the flat saucer.

However, because the plan I have for Le Grand Changement de Nourriture requires a temporary period of TWO BOWLS, I had to consider the following options:

1. Continuing to feed Catorze on the unsatisfactory flat saucer, reserving the new one for Le Grand Changement in April. (Désavantage: a few more weeks of haphazard eating and creepy staring.)

2. Giving Catorze his food in the new bowl immediately. (Désavantage: risk of chaos and disorder when I introduce ANOTHER bowl for Le Grand Changement.)

3. Bringing forward Le Grand Changement to try to get both the bowl chaos/disorder and food chaos/disorder out of the way at once. (Désavantage: possible risk of rejecting the last supplies our painstakingly-sourced Dark Web Lily’s Kitchen, and also not necessarily a guarantee of chaos/disorder avoidance.)

4. Dispensing with bowls altogether and feeding Catorze by throwing handfuls of food in his vague direction. (Désavantage: chaos and disorder of a different kind.)

I was tempted by Option 4. However, I have chosen Option 2 and I fear I may live to regret it.

Merci, Sammypuss et Alex!

18 thoughts on “La nouvelle nouvelle assiette

  1. The new bowl looks nice. Let’s hope it suits your dear Catorze.
    Now, you can also throw some pellets to Catorze just for the fun.

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      1. Your question puzzles me.
        Personally, I wouldn’t like you to hurt him, but if you feel like throwing the pellets at him, of course, it is up to you.

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            1. 🤣🤣🤣 Phew, that’s a relief! I wasn’t sure – maybe some people do throw food at their cats and it’s a thing? Who knows?


  2. Wow, I made sure Miss Penny didn’t see the bowls you showed here because she would have refused to eat in anything else until I got the etsy one! One thing I have noticed with her, though, is that she doesn’t like les coins, because food gets stuck there, so she requires rounded corners. But she’s 17 so I forgive her 🙂

    Why did you not select option #3? Too traumatic? I love Louis Catorze’s creepy staring, it would make me laugh every time 😀

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    1. Yes, too traumatic to consider a bowl change and a food change at the same time! TWO unfamiliar things at once! 😱😱😱


        1. When people babysit Sa Maj (living in) they always ask how often to refill his bowl, and they’re surprised when I say, “Whenever it’s empty.” He’s so dim that he doesn’t think to empty it 853 times a day.

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  3. Oh dear ! Perhaps you could alternate the bowls with his current food in it, and continue to do so when The Change starts – which should confuse him if nothing else.

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    1. That would be a good idea for normal cats, but if working with a nutso cat you just don’t know which way it’s going to go. Plus I would probably forget myself and celebrate the wonder of him eating the new food, only to discover that it was the old one after all. 🤣

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