Les draps de l’hiver

I really ought to have learned my lesson by now: spot-on flea treatment, plus clean sheets (Louis Catorze’s favourite brushed flannel ones) on our bed, plus bedroom door accidentally open, were never going to be a happy combination.

The cheeky little sod moved like lightning after the treatment to run upstairs and roll the liquid off from his neck onto the bed. And here he is (below), having done the evil deed, looking très confortable.

Cat Daddy: “He’d better not be on my side. Or anywhere near my pillow.”

[Silence, tumbleweed, crickets.]

Shocked but not surprised.

19 thoughts on “Les draps de l’hiver

  1. Gosh – we use some of the back-of-the-neck stuff and have never seen it leave a stain. Would CatDaddy prefer the fleas, unmolested, jumping off onto his pillow instead of a small drip of flea treatment ?

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  2. Are you sure that’s Le Roi? It looks like a black hole. Here’s hoping the CD is not sucked in to go over the event horizon.

    (I really dislike scented things in the bedroom when I’m trying to sleep. I ask the bride for her to get us scented moisturizer, sometimes she complies. Can’t imaging what flea ointment smells like in the boudoir.)

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  3. Jimi always prefers to sleep on the end of the bed (when the bedroom door is open), just like Mr. Bowie. Le Roi seems to be very relaxed and happy…

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        1. Aww, the thought of a ghost would usually terrify me but I’d actually love to share my house with a spirit Mr Bowie. 🖤🖤🖤

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