On a dépassé cinq cents!

Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu: Sa Maj has reached the incredible number of five hundred – yes, FIVE HUNDRED – followers. This is quite something given that, when I began Le Blog all those years ago, I thought perhaps my mum and about a dozen friends might read it (and that most of them would get bored after a week or two).

Back then, the original aim was to reach out to other humans with allergic cats, in the hope of finding someone who had a cat like Louis Catorze and perhaps even finding a cure for his allergy. I never did find that cure, and I certainly didn’t find another cat like Catorze (which is probably just as well), but Le Blog has introduced me to lovely people from all over the world, and their wonderful furry overlords.

I have lost the odd follower along the way, most notably the group of bodybuilders who started following when I added the key word “steroids” to my tags. Unsurprisingly, when they came to realise that this was actually a blog about a silly black cat and not about performance-enhancing substances, one by one they fell away. I can’t say I’m surprised, as Catorze has that sort of effect on people. But how delightful that the hardcore among you have hung on in there. If you’re still here, MERCI BEAUCOUP, especially if you have been around since the beginning.

Here is the very first photo of Catorze, taken in his foster mamma’s garden on the day we brought him home in July 2014:

A bit rough around the edges.

And here he is now (taken yesterday):

Not really any improvement, but tant pis.

37 thoughts on “On a dépassé cinq cents!

    1. Hahahaha! We did actually give a Catorze t-shirt to his favourite vet when she left the practice. (Her departure had nothing to do with him, might I add.)

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    2. I’m less interested in a t-shirt (I’m wayyyyyy bigger the regular sizes lol) but I would like some sort of merchandise. A plushie would be right up my alley xD

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      1. Haha, there was à Sainsbury’s plushie doing the rounds a few years ago which a friend discovered and nicknamed Mini Roi. It had perfect almond-shaped Catorze eyes but it lacked two very important features. 🧛‍♂️

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        1. Oh, I remember seeing photos and I really wanted one, but I couldn’t justify ordering food from them just to buy a plushie (and I can’t get to the shop in person). Probably a good thing, because I have nowhere to put such a wonderful beast, but still. SO jealous. xD

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  1. You may not see it but there is a huge difference between the two photos. The one taken yesterday shows a bright eyed cat with a beautiful sleek shiny coat. You are obviously doing everything right for Catorze and l’m sure he appreciates it in his own way🤣!

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    1. Yes, I’d have been happy with a dozen or so! It’s quite incredible that anyone would want to follow a silly black cat who doesn’t do much. 🐈‍⬛

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  2. He totally fell on his paws when you and CD took him in. He couldn’t have found more loving slaves 🙂
    (And yes, t-shirts please!!!!)

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  3. Félicitations! Technically, I expect you have more than 500 followers. The 6 Cats, 4 Woofies and I all share an account, so that’s 11 followers. (Tee-shirts would be nice, but I’d also go for a coffee mug or a yearly calendar…)

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        1. Nobody would buy it! People would pay NOT to have it. In fact, that might be the way forward if I am ever to make money from his scream: £1 for anything with it, £35 for anything without it.

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  4. I don’t belong to your cat’s followers, but I like your way of telling us his feats.
    I don’t belong to humans with allergic cats either, but I enjoy reading Louis Catorze’s adventures all the same.

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    1. Merci! 😊 C’est très gentil. Catorze certainly provides us with plenty of material for Le Blog.


  5. We found your blog lately – can’t remember where of course- but have had enough of our own ups and downs to appreciate your “adventures.”

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  6. Congratulations! Le Rois’ antics and his adventures with his peanut gallery of frenemies always brighten my day. Thank you for sharing your “little shite”. Long may he reign! 🤣💙

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  7. Congrats on the 500 😀 One of my 7 cats (Marble) has similar issues to Louis, I’ve really enjoyed your journey and have also tried some of your foods and ideas to help her. Here’s to another 500 xxx

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