Le menu du jour

Louis Catorze’s Thrive arrived last week week, three working days after I ordered it on Zooplus (pretty good), and a mere six days after originally ordering it on a “same-day” delivery on Ocado Zoom which never came (pretty poor).

I was about to write “Better late than never” but what a nonsensical phrase this is. If anyone ever says this to you when you’re late, they are just trying to be polite and, in actual fact, your inefficiency has probably made them quite angry. It’s only better late than never if, whilst waiting for you to get you act together, the other person made the time fly by doing something pleasant or useful and didn’t urgently need the thing you were supposed to be delivering. If they are in any way sensible and resourceful and start to make alternative plans to receive the thing you were meant to do, upon realising how shit unreliable you are, and THEN you deliver late, trust me, this is not “better” at all. “Better” would be to be honest and tell them from the outset that it won’t be happening.

(Obviously this is not what I would say to my students, as I don’t want them all saying, “Miss, you know that homework you set? Yeah, sorry but I won’t be doing it.” (In fact, I doubt if most of my lot would even say “Sorry”.)

Anyway, Cat Daddy and I now have a decision to make. We are going to have to introduce the Thrive to our mutual friend at some stage. And, given his love of doing the exact opposite of what we want him to do, we don’t want him to love the Thrive so much that he rejects the Lily’s, leaving us with up to £100 worth of product which was a real ordeal to source. Equally, if we try it when the Lily’s is almost out, he will reject the Thrive and leave us scrabbling and panicking as we were last month.

The ideal scenario would be to for him to happily tick along on a mix of both foods for a short while until the Lily’s runs out, but we know that the little sod won’t make it that easy for us.

Anyway, trying to work that out will be the next task in this fun-packed project. As if I don’t have enough to do, what with recovering from Covid, going back to work, teaching a new timetable to a new set of classes, and so on.

He likes to keep us wondering. Mainly wondering “What the hell …?”

8 thoughts on “Le menu du jour

  1. Well, mixing them is the best plan. Maybe change the ratio so you gradually have the most in the mixture of the one you have the most of, Good luck.

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    1. Yes, mixing was what we did last time, but the little sod just stopped when it got to 70-30 new and old food. Up until then he’d been fine. 🙄


  2. I’ve got 7 cats and I’ve used zooplus for ages now (as trying to get anyone to bring their super-large amount of cat litter, dry food and wet food is a mission and a half). They take on average 3-6 working days to deliver.

    If you order wed/thur/fri it takes a lot longer due to the weekend. I try to order mon/tue each time to get the quickest delivery. I always opt for Yodel as DPD (who they also offer as a courier choice) have lost a parcel (which was an urgent per-xmas top up) and seem to always be delayed or late. The Yodel guy here is always early, really polite on observing social distancing rules (he also has a cat, who is a rescue, so that’s obviously extra points lol). Much love to our Louis (and you and Cat Daddy) your blog is absolutely brilliant and I really enjoy seeing you pop up in my emails xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for your kindness! Just to be extra-unhelpful I ordered during a public holiday, during Covid and during Brexit, so I consider myself lucky receiving the order when I did! Shame about Ocado but oh well. 😐


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