L’or, l’encens et la myrrhe

The winter solstice is here, but I’m not really feeling the Yuletide joy. Firstly, my teacher-cold – the same one that had been threatening to hit since September but stayed simmering below the surface, enough to annoy me but not enough to warrant time off – finally broke through on the last day of term, just in time for the holidays. And, secondly, we were put into Tier 4 a couple of days ago. If you didn’t even know there was a Tier 4 you’re in good company, because neither did we. In fact, none of us Londoners did until a few hours before it was announced. In short, this means that the Five-Day Festive Free-For-All is cancelled, so we will all be spending the celebratory season like Kevin McCallister: home alone. (Younger followers, ask your parents.)

In better news, someone has sent Louis Catorze a Yuletide gift, but I have no idea who it is.

The card bears the words “From one crazy cat lady to another” which, frankly, doesn’t narrow it down in the slightest. And I know that the sender also has cats (although this doesn’t narrow it down, either) because there were puncture marks in the Dreamies packet. I am lucky enough to know several people who would be this thoughtful, yet most of the prime suspects have denied all knowledge.

If you were responsible and I have not yet accused you, I would have got to you at some point, I’m sure. There is the small matter of a certain someone having to be good in order to deserve presents, but nevertheless I am very grateful to you for thinking of the little sod. Thank you so much!

Incidentally, I still have the Black Cats calendar that I found on my doorstep in 2016, and my quest to find the mystery giver was unsuccessful. So, whilst we’re on the subject of owning up, it would be nice to know who left that, too, so that I may say thank you.

Wishing you a magical winter solstice. Brighter days are coming.

“They knelt before the king and offered precious gifts.”

16 thoughts on “L’or, l’encens et la myrrhe

  1. Stay safe! As we had for Thanksgiving, we will repeat the truncated tableau for a dinner for two. Hope you have the merriest of times with each other in spite of Tier 4. Had some news here that some Euro countries are not allowing UK passengers on flights. Better to be safe since there are a lot of cognitive dissonant people around in all countries.

    (Hope our thing arrives anon.)


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    1. I don’t blame you for not letting us in. There are lots of disgruntled people who are just saying “Sod it” to the rules because they’re annoyed that Christmas was promised and then cancelled. 😕 I will let you know when Monsieur Le Facteur comes by!

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  2. Good luck in Tier Four. Our levels are yellow, orange, and red, and a week or so ago Ohio & several other states went to purple.

    If they’re “Dreamies” you know it is from someone in the UK. (or the EU, since it’s still December.)

    Joyeaux Noel !

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    1. He’s always had them. People come to visit just to see him. They’ve not been in a while due to Covid but as soon as it’s safe to do so, they’ll be back! 🤣

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  3. I get greetings like that myself, and I hope when I send mine out I put enough clues as to my identity on them that people know who they are dealing with. LOL! My kitty boy Andy and I wish you a blessed Christmas and safe and healthy New Year. Give Louis Catorze a holiday-worthy ear scritch and head rub from Andy and me!

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    1. Joyeux Solstice à vous aussi! Celebrations are going to be somewhat muted here as my teacher-cold really isn’t letting go – it’s been YEARS since I last had one this brutal – but I have a purring Roi on my lap so it could be worse. Lots of love to you and Monsieur André. 🖤🖤🖤


      1. I hate those colds that hang on. Don’t be hesitant to see a docotor, however, because that cold may actually be something more serious. I once went from March till December with symptoms – blood in my nasal discharges, aching joints, weakness, a sense of malaise, and other symptoms. I dismissed it as flu, a cold that wouldn’t stop, etc. In December of that year, I was diagnoses with Wegener’s granulomatosis, a vascular disease that, frankly, could have killed me if I hadn’t had lung involvement toward the end that caused me severe breathing problems on day that caused me to have a family member call for an ambulance! So, for all that time i was walking death and didn’t realize it. I am fortunate to be alive – with this disease in control – 17 years later. In fact, 19 December 2003 was the day I learned what I had, so that day each year I survive is like a birthday.

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        1. Thanks for the advice. I’ve even gone ahead and had a Covid test; I don’t have the text-book symptoms but I know someone who tested positive with symptoms very similar to mine. 😐


          1. That’s good to know. Men- and I am certainly typical in this way! – tend to ignore symptoms till a woman in their lives forces them to see a doctor. Even with my experience, I still fight making that appointment! Fortunately for me now, because I am in dialysis three times a week, I have medical professionals keeping track of me, making surf I don’t avoid seeing or consulting with my doctors.

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            1. Cat Daddy is exactly like that. If I suggest going to the doctor, he’ll say, “It’s not that bad. I’ll wait until it gets REALLY bad and then I’ll go.” Excellent plan! 🙄

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  4. Very sorry that you’re unwell and further restricted! I’m certain that the antics of Le Petit Roi will keep you on your toes more than usual as he senses the arrival of Santa Paws 🙀 Sending healing vibes and love…🎄

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    1. Thank you! Santa won’t be stopping by here, though, as our mutual friend hasn’t been good. 🤣🤣🤣


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