L’horloge magique

During half term I decided I’d finally had enough of terrible sleep (due in part to checking my phone clock multiple times through the night to see how many hours of sleep were left; don’t pretend you don’t do it yourselves). So I treated myself to one of those Lumie Bodyclock things that wake you up to soft light and gentle sounds.

Now, we aren’t the most proficient when it comes to electronics. I am good at following instructions yet still can’t get said apparatus to function. Cat Daddy is rather less adept and considerably less patient, often throwing the item across the room and using Unrepeatable Expletives of the Worst Kind. And at half term it was still Mercury Retrograde so, during a week of zero success with electronics*, my expectations of figuring out this device were quite low.

*Cat Daddy’s bike light malfunctioned, his electric razor kept switching itself on and wouldn’t stay switched off and, to top it all off, his phone accidentally posted four unicorns on the food bank volunteers’ WhatsApp group, most of whose members he doesn’t know (although they now know who he is):

These, plus other unicorns in different poses, are now among Cat Daddy’s “frequently used” emojis.

I made it 60% of the way through the the Lumie Bodyclock’s installation process without mishap. Then, when selecting my alarm sound, I was met with some interesting and bizarre options. Click on “Sounds” on this link for the full list and to try them out in front of your cats: https://www.lumie.com/products/bodyclock-shine-300

Naturellement I was drawn to the kitten sound although, when testing it, it sounded like a disconcertingly aggressive kitten and I already have one of these who wakes me up. But I was intrigued by the goats – and by the kind of people who would want to be woken up by them – and so I couldn’t resist trying it on the clock to see whether it was as comedic as I imagined.

It was.

Then, of course, I couldn’t turn off the goaty sound. And an outraged, screaming Louis Catorze came barging in to find out why I had allowed farmyard animals to enter his Château.

Anyway, the next morning I was woken up by dreadful white noise and not by the tropical birds that I’d wanted. (White noise is the default sound and has its own button which overrides everything else, so no doubt I’d pressed it by mistake at some stage.) And Catorze, who was with me at the time, did not approve. But at least I know that it works. And the wake-up light gives Catorze some interesting shadows and an almost Steampunk look:

Sa Maj loves a bit of retro-futurism in the morning.

21 thoughts on “L’horloge magique

  1. Obviously Catoirze wants you to choose the Black Noise ! And be glad you do not live with someone who keeps peacocks (as did my cousin Carl.,)

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  2. In view of the times you mention crickets in the blog, I’m surprised that wasn’t your choice! Along with the kitten purring, I adore the sound of mama cat chirruping. Adorable. I’d have gone with the osprey. We have a local buzzard which I’ve woken up to instantly! x

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  3. Sleep? Qu’est-ce que c’est? I have found that launching “uncooperative” gadgets across the room in a fit of expletive laced pique works wonders to lower my blood pressure.🤔 Are you certain that Cat Daddys’ possesions aren’t haunted? Those unicorns look as though they have been partaking of edibles…And Catorze should be the last one to be outraged at sounds 😹

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  4. I tried a few of the sounds. Only one of my cats even noticed most of them, but they all seemed to get curious about the purring. I too would choose the goat alarm– not sure what kind of reaction it would get from the felines, although I could see there would be some agitation.

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