L’ami fidèle

We had some sad news at Le Château during the week: Louis Catorze’s sparring partner Oscar the dog, aka the Flash Gordon to Catorze’s Ming the Merciless, is no longer with us, following a sudden inoperable illness. He was 13 and three-quarters, or in his 70s in dog years.

Cat Daddy and I adored Oscar and have been quite tearful about this. And, despite their turbulent relationship, I am certain that Sa Maj also had a fondness for his canine adversary, and that he detected our sadness on the night that Oscar departed. He kindly gifted me with a cheer-up mouse the next morning although, as he was still unable/refusing to come in through the Sureflap at that point, how he brought it into the house is another one to add to the list of Roi mysteries.

For the last five years, Oscar and Catorze’s comedic partnership has made us smile more times than you can imagine. If you have been following Le Blog at length you will, no doubt, be aware of their ridiculous capers. But, if not, here are some of their best moments:







Au revoir, dear Oscar. We will miss you. Have fun barking away to your heart’s content in doggy heaven.

Keep smiling, boy.
Picture posed by (very similar) lookalikes … but this was, without a doubt, the reason behind their feud.

18 thoughts on “L’ami fidèle

  1. I am very sorry for the loss of Oscar. The love and loyalty of pets for their humans is an immeasurable gift. They add so much to our mundane lives, with their comedic and contrary ways. May Oscar visit you in happy, Catorze chasing dreams. Thank you for sharing him. Sending soft paw hugs and 💛

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  2. So sorry to hear about Oscar the dog. I am sure Louis will miss his adversary and I know I will definitely miss blogs involving them both. RIP Oscar

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  3. Hugs and condolences. We remember them forever. There will always be some sadness, but there always is remembering the happy times with them, how they made us laugh and how they showed their love.

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    1. Thank you. We are lucky enough to have many hilarious Oscar the dog moments (usually caused by Catorze being bad). 😊


      1. LOL! Yes, and those moments will help you through! When Dougy, my kitty boy, died in July, it was the videos and photos I took of him and his brother Andy from kittenhood through his death that got me through the grieving process. I will always miss him, but there are so many happy times to remember, the sorrow will soften more in time.

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        1. If you’re anything like most cat parents, you’ll have 9,042 photos of them and maybe 4 of your human family members and friends! Dougy and Andy were a wonderful partnership. 🖤🖤🖤


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