Attention à la pleine lune

It’s a full moon today.

The next one will be on 2nd September, and the following month we will have not one but TWO full moons, with the first taking place on 1st October and the second on the 31st.

A full moon on Hallowe’en is a rare thing, only occurring once every 19 years or so. There have been a couple of Hallowe’en full moons in my lifetime but, regretfully, I was unaware of them at the time. So, in many ways, this will be the first one for me, and I intend to make the most of it as if it were the only one.

Long before Covid 19, Cat Daddy and I had talked about going away to celebrate, for instance to Mexico for El Día de los Muertos. But, with travel being unpredictable and likely to remain as such for some time, we will be at home this Hallowe’en. And, in many ways, this is the best thing, because how could we not celebrate a full moon Hallowe’en with a black vampire cat?

(Also: had we gone away, our poor, unsuspecting chat-sitteur(s) would have been stuck with Louis Catorze and his stupid shite, and that wouldn’t have been very fair.)

The downside, of course, is Catorze’s psycho behaviour. He is pretty unhinged at the best of times, but he is noticeably worse during the run-up to Hallowe’en and during full moons. So, with both events combining, we are going to need to stockpile our arsenal of defensive weapons: crucifixes, Valium, aluminium foil to cover the windows, the works.

Here is Catorze in a pose which, although terrifying, is a relief to have caught on camera, as people will finally start to believe me when I say how creepy he is. Even though the little sod was all the way outside, his stare was so intense and unnerving that Cat Daddy actually FELT it and called me to come and look.

And I think this is Catorze’s way of saying, “Bring it on.”

He’s he-errre!

25 thoughts on “Attention à la pleine lune

    1. I’m not sure how much will be going on this year, though. 😐 We are deffo going to do it when we can be more sure of celebrations going ahead! 💀

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  1. Oh yesss… afraid!
    However, I’m sad the trip has had to be postponed! It’s going to be a strange one this year for many reasons!

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  2. None of The Tribe are black cats but we can still look scary! We had our Purrsonal Assistant do some research on full moons after reading your post. The full moons in our northern neck of the woods are so bright it wakes us up if the curtains aren’t closed. Evidently there is a sturgeon moon tonight. This moon is named after a HUGE scary looking fish that are found in some of our lakes. They are MONSTER fish! But that sill doesn’t answer the question in this kitty’s enquiring mind…why did they name a moon after a fish??!!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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    1. It’s fascinating to learn what the moons are called in different places. We call the August one (I think) the Corn Moon. The full moon here is still impressive at times but it doesn’t sound as magnificent as what you see. Maybe the 31st October one will be special, but we won’t be looking as we will have covered all the windows with aluminium
      foil to stop The Mothership from beaming signals at Catorze.

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  3. Two full moons in a month are what is meant by a “blue moon.” But we think staying home with Catorze on Halloween is a good idea. This whole year has been so weird anyway that venturing out on a day calculated to be evern more eerie sounds riskier than usual !

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  4. My name is Catorze
    I stalk all outdoors
    When near rise of moon
    Signals I shall go soon
    As my hood I stealth wander
    Both my slaves worried ponder
    And blame all the fright on la lune

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣 Absolutely brilliant! Little sod was out all night (at The Back, not The Front) so goodness knows what he was up to! 🌝


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