Les malheurs et les jumeaux ne viennent jamais seuls

This little story did the social media rounds last month, and I really hope it’s true:

Two for the price of, erm, two?

I like to think that the cats met on their travels, with Cat 2 saying, “I would really like a human sucker whom I can treat like dirt”, and that Cat 1 replied, “I have a plan. I think I can get you in at my place …”

I initially doubted the authenticity of the story because I was pretty sure that most people would know their own cat. Even those of us who have black cats know our own cats. But, hey, it’s an extra cat, and this can never be a bad thing.

Louis Catorze has some very unique distinguishing features – freakishly small size, bizarre segmented reptilian tail, dark chocolate paw pads with a strawberry swirl, caustic voice that could strip paint and, of course, protruding vampire fangs – so I was very confident that I would be able to pick him out of a line-up of black cats. That was until my friend Lizzi sent me this, taken in south London:

Double trouble.

Believe it or not, Mesdames et Messieurs, this is NOT Sa Maj. I even managed to trick Cat Daddy into thinking it was an old picture of Catorze (although, when I told him the truth, he replied, “They all look the same to me”).

This makes me very nervous as the world cannot possibly be ready for two Catorzes.

Mind you, is it even ready for one?

34 thoughts on “Les malheurs et les jumeaux ne viennent jamais seuls

  1. They are all black, my three, but completely different to each other. I’m feeding an interloper at the moment. He looks identical to one of them but with smaller eyes. What’s another one? Especially when you can palm him off as the fluffy one?

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  2. I have two grays and you would never mistake one for the other. There is a 5 lb. difference and one looks more like a British shorthair with a flatter face while the other has a Siamese longer snout. I would think an owner could tell the difference but two cats are always better than one.

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  3. My panthére noir,notorious for escaping locked rooms, hosted a doppelganger for an entire weekend. The interloper ate part of my lunch & stupidly picked a fight with my alpha female. The jig was up when he dragged a very ticked off Muscovy drake through the broken dog door. Ozzie protested for days 🙄

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  4. Luckily the duck didn’t hurt any of the other 6 cats who had gathered in the kitchen for breakfast and a show. The only injury was to my nerves, which by the time I managed to chase the duck back to his homies were down to a frayed few 😬

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  5. The back yard fronted a canal. There were always several Muscovys in the yard and pool. 😫The dog door was for their 70 pound dog, who broke it.

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    1. Oh my! 😱😱😱 Naughty kitties! I can relate to that story as Louis Catorze once brought a curly-haired rat with 3 legs. Cat Daddy found the other leg later. 🤢


  6. Are you 100% sure that you only have one Cat? The amount of drama… er… writing material that Louis provides daily seems like the work of a team. Also, think about all those inexplicable occurrences. Remember the time Cat Daddy came home to let Louis back inside only to find that he was already in? Two Cats.

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  7. Actually, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I expect that you are dealing with more than two, at least given the amount of mischief attributed to Louis. I live with six Cats who don’t get up to half as much trouble. You may have a dozen Rois on your hands.

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  8. The New York TImes, May 31, had the real story of these two cats. Hilarious that someone took the time to create a new one that went viral and we all loved.

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  9. A Times writer was assigned to look into the viral story of the lost and found cats. She tried to contact “Zak” who originally posted it on the Facebook group Purrtacular. While she waited to hear back she combed the internet for details about the cats. Turns out someone had posted their photo on Reddit earlier. So the upshot is that Zak made up the post about his missing cat, and we all loved it. This was in a special section of the Times for kids, and was a cautionary tale reminding them fact checking Was important.

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    1. Ah, so the original photo was of two identical cats who happened to live together anyway? I did want the story to be true, but it crossed my mind that it might not be. 😐


      1. Interestingly, the owner of the two cats, male and female litter mates she got as kittens, was not angry that someone had used their photo for his own benefit. Since it wasn’t monetary I suppose it’s OK??

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  10. I can tell my black cats apart if I can see their faces, but not always from behind. In the course of owning multiple Norwegian Elkhounds, I had one pair that only differentiated because their tails curled in opposite directions.

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      1. Oh, they are wonderful dogs !
        For some reason I have ceased to receive email notices of your new posts. This has happened with several blogs. Just wanted to let you know.

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  11. I’d like to think that the two cats were switching between his house and the second cat’s house the entire time, so that the man always had two cats, just never at the same time. (I did notice the comment debunking it, but it still seems like the kind of thing cats would do) 🙂

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