La fête de la décennie

And, in the blink of an eye, Louis Catorze’s birthday weekend was over. But what a party it was.

Cat Daddy, in a deadpan voice: “Oh yeah. It was probably the best cat birthday party I have ever been to.”

This celebration had everything: there was a birthday barbecue with Oscar the dog’s family – each of us in our own garden, of course – with a cat-themed music playlist, a Cat in the Hat recital and a speech in both English and French, all created by Oscar’s very talented human sister. Even Oscar was lured out of his post-meds sulk and joined in the proceedings, although that was more about the burgers than about extending an olive branch to his némésis.

Cat Daddy and I talked afterwards about this most likely being Catorze’s last big birthday, as it’s doubtful that he will make 20 or even 18. But, given that he doesn’t do very much or go very far, we see no reason why he wouldn’t make 14. And surely we should celebrate Catorze turning, erm, quatorze ans? Is it too early to start planning that?

Merci beaucoup to the Dog Family for their company, their impeccable party planning and their splendid gifts. Here is the little sod (below) checking out his stash and, although he loves everything, his favourite items are the handmade card and the beautifully decorated gift box.

Thank you also to Cocoa the babysit cat, his sister, Chanel, and their family for the Lily’s Kitchen treats, which came wrapped in the most sublime gift wrap ever (last photo).

“Pour moi?”
Un, deux, trois cat(s).
Le cœur de notre famille.
Cocoa Chanel.

15 thoughts on “La fête de la décennie

  1. We too wish LeRoi many more purrthdays – but considering some of his antics while coned, even though as you say “he doesn’t do very much or go very far” we hope he will be a bit more careful.

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  2. First photo : “Bien, qu’est-ce qu’on attend? Ouvrons la bouteille! Commençons ma féte!” 💙 As for the little devils’ longevity, Sa Majeste is ageless and thanks to his loving mamans’ records, his antics will make history 😂

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  3. That sounds like an excellent celebration, and I hope he’s around for his 20th birthday too (I believe the oldest cat ever recorded was in his early 40s!)

    Side note: we have that purple brush. The cats love it, but it is messy to use. Prepare to end up covered in all the fur it removes 🙂

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