Le plaisir de Sa Majesté

Last week, Cat Daddy was the one to drop the ball in our duty of care to Louis Catorze. This time it was my turn.

I had just let the little sod outside for some fresh air when I suddenly remembered that I had to prepare for a work video call, and therefore an old sports t-shirt and hair tied up in a bun with a pair of knickers simply wouldn’t do. So I left Catorze outside, thinking “What possible mischief could he get into in the few minutes it will take me to change into my work clothes?” (I know, I know.)

Then Dog Mamma sent me these photos:

What the …?
Don’t even THINK about it!

Oh. Mon. Dieu.

Catorze can no longer access the playground at The Back (because he can’t fit through the gap in the fence with his Cône), so it seems that he was trying to get in over the top instead. Because there is a wire fence right up against the wooden fence to catch stray tennis balls, he would probably have fallen through the tiny gap between the two fences and ended up stuck halfway down, limbs flailing and screaming undignifiedly. And, because the school is closed, he would have remained there until who-knows-when.

So the new Château rule is that flight-risk prisoners cannot be left unsupervised in the exercise yard, not even for a second. At least we are in the fortunate position of having two wardens per inmate.

13 thoughts on “Le plaisir de Sa Majesté

  1. Oh my…he’s desperate to get back to his prior life work.

    (On the email about this post, it showed just the first image. I thought wow…who would have done such a beautiful job of painting Catorze in an Edward Hopper style. Really.)

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    1. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to paint Catorze, in any style. He’s driving us insane at the moment with his abhorrent behaviour.

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    1. Hello! I was there anyway but I unfollowed and followed again as I didn’t seem to be getting your notifications. Hopefully I will now!

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    1. Luckily he had come down of his own accord, because I don’t know how I would have got him down if he didn’t want to come down!


        1. Oh yes. I think he would be like Hannibal Lecter, with his next-door cell neighbours being mysteriously found dead with no tangible evidence linking him to the crimes (but everyone would know he did it).

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