Le pouvoir de la lune

Cat Daddy and I felt miserable and out of sorts the other day after a dreadful night’s sleep. And I expect you can guess the reason for that dreadful night’s sleep.

Cat Daddy [edited version]: “He was absolutely ****ing awful: going out, coming in, jumping on me, screaming, sticking his wet nose in my ears, rubbing his whiskers on my face. He’s a ****ing pest.”

I must admit I was surprised as he’s not usually this bad (Louis Catorze, not Cat Daddy). I am often aware of his presence during the night, but he tends to utter just a few closed-mouth whines and not much more.

My friend: “Are we approaching a full moon, by any chance?”

I checked the date.


I don’t dare tell Cat Daddy that this is no one-off, but something that is likely to happen 12-13 times a year. And, yes, most cats of Catorze’s age are winding down, but clearly The Mothership has failed to send him the “All seniors, stand down” memo.

Anyway, Cat Daddy is still livid and says we need to give him to a rescue for a few days’ respite so that we can get some sleep. Is this even a thing? Do rescues or catteries – or does ANYONE – offer this service?

“Réveillez-vous! Aucune raison!”

13 thoughts on “Le pouvoir de la lune

  1. I have known a few that become super affectionate after something happened that scared them. I always wished I could understand the story they are trying to tell with all the talking they did but I would try to comfort them as best I could. And once in a while someone who knew would tell me what kitty was trying to say.

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    1. Awww. Catorze is scared of nothing, apart from the electronic candle lighter. And, erm, tampons. I think he just wants a chat. 🤣

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        1. Reset to what? He doesn’t do GMT. In fact, he doesn’t do any time zone that is recognisable to mankind.


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