Dieu doit penser que je suis un chat génial

A further addendum to Little Sods’ Law is now in place: a black cat’s attraction to a ball of wool is directly proportional to the cost of the wool.

Louis Catorze showed moderate interest when I was knitting cotton scarves at £2.50 per ball but, now that I have made a start on The Special One (my scarf made of merino wool at £783.99 per ball), his “Urge To Kill” switch has been well and truly activated.

I have learned the hard way that knitting with merino wool is complicated if you are a novice and not following a pattern. It takes several goes with different sizes of needle and various numbers of stitches to get it right. And drink-knitting is an absolute no-no: just a couple of glasses of Crémant give me the dangerous false confidence that I can fix anything that goes wrong, which invariably leads to making everything worse. And there are only so many times that I can message Wife of That Neighbour with Knitting SOS distress signals before she and her husband become even angrier with us than they already are because of Catorze’s disturbances.

In short, my task is arduous enough and I could really do without him attacking both the wool and the needles every few seconds and generally being a shite.

I have to wind the wool around the table leg as I work to stop it from twisting and, as you can see, this is like an injured seal to Catorze’s great white shark. In the last picture he decided to actually SIT ON MY WORK to take a break from his tomfoolery, and I am very unhappy indeed with the position of that needle.

10 thoughts on “Dieu doit penser que je suis un chat génial

  1. You have my sympathies. More than once, I have had to tie the yarn together before I could use it because it had been chewed through. (Not to add salt to the wound, but that top picture is adorable.)

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  2. The Merino probably smells interesting, unlike the cotton. But there is a phrase that all cat people must come to terms with: “This is why we can’t have nice things.” I wish you much luck with the knitting and your adorable little “shite.” 🙂

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  3. Our lost-and-lamented George cat loved wool. I once came home to discover an entire ball of wool unravelled up and down the stairs. We live in a four storey house so you can imagine the labyrinthine task it was!!

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      1. “But Mama! This is a fun new game and the wool just smells and feels soooo delightful! Dad never plays with me like this!” 😻
        I crochet with thread and 3 of mine enjoy knocking the ball across the floor and soaking the thread in cat spit. There is mo way to win. I just tell myself that spit washes out and its good to see them have a bit of fun and try to help. Eventually they get bored and just curl up on it for a bit of a nap. As long as they are not eating I soldier on. Lol

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