La renaissance du soleil

Louis Catorze’s Cat Granny passed away last month, and Cat Daddy and I have been thinking about her during our traditional winter solstice reminiscing. She was the best mother-in-law imaginable and would always take my side in an argument with Cat Daddy. In fact, she would always take my side even if there had been no argument, and at Christmas she would give me better presents than the ones she gave him. Her words to me when we announced our engagement were: “Well, he’s always been a very nice son to me. I just HOPE he’ll be a nice husband to you.”

She left us on Remembrance Sunday, which was a very important day to Cat Grandpa, and I can imagine him hurrying her along on that morning and telling her she’d better get to him before 11 o’clock.

Cat Granny loved cats, although I don’t have any decent pictures of her with Louis Catorze as he preferred hanging out with Cat Grandpa at Boys’ Club. But they had a lovely relationship, and she was one of the few people who didn’t mind stroking him when he had just come in, cold and wet, from a thunderstorm. She would always be there with the cuddles, whilst Cat Daddy and I flinched and shuddered when Catorze came near us with his gross, drenched fur.

Cat Granny is pictured below with Brook, the enormously fat* cat who lives in her residential home and who is the same cat that ruined her 90th birthday party by catching a bird in front of horrified guests.

*I must add that the residential home staff do not overfeed him. As anyone with a greedy and determined cat will understand only too well, he goes out and manages to find food – and clearly rather a lot of it – from somewhere.

Moments after this photo was taken, the delightful scene was ruined because Brook dug his claws hard into poor Cat Granny. Cat Daddy and I had to delicately unpick the big sod and hoist his considerable bulk off her body, which was quite some challenge, demonstrating yet again – not that we really needed reminding – cats’ innate capacity for spoiling things that were perfectly lovely before.

I hope that Cat Granny and Cat Grandpa, wherever they may be, are surrounded by cats (but maybe better-behaved ones than naughty Brook). And Catorze, Cat Daddy and I wish you all a wonderful winter solstice.

18 thoughts on “La renaissance du soleil

  1. I’m sorry to learn of the loss of your mother-in-law and send sympathy. She seems like she was really nice person. And a happy solstice and Happy Holidays to you both, and to Louis Catorze.

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  2. What a lovely lady. You must both miss her terribly. But clearly have many happy memories. Happy solstice and much love to you all xxx

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  3. I always feel a connection to cat people. If you love cats, you have to be really kind. Love Brook. He does ok. I am sorry for your loss. Hopefully she is reunited with Cat Grandpa and dozens of delightful (?) cats.

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    1. Thank you for your message. Brook is a right scallywag. You can’t tell from the picture but he looks as if he’s swallowed a rugby ball. 😱

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  4. Condolences on your mother in laws’ passing. Brooks surely loved her. He is a handsome hunk of mancat! 😸 May your Christmas be warmed by many happy memories and a dry Catorze…Blessings to all.

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