Écharpe 2,0

I have finally finished knitting Cat Daddy’s Brentford FC scarf, just in time for today’s match against Huddersfield. The knitting experience has taught me a number of things:

1. Drink-knitting is a thing and, like drink-driving, it should be avoided at all costs.

2. No matter how many times you unpick and redo the bits that you drink-knitted, it will still look shite.

The sober-knitted and drink-knitted parts of the scarf are so utterly distinct that anyone can spot the difference, even from far away. This scarf is not just a garment for winter warmth and an emblem of our beloved football team; its stitches tell a tale of resolute concentration followed by “Oh, sod this” followed by more concentration followed by more “Oh, sod this” and so on, from end to end.

I have started knitting another scarf, this time for someone else, and I was feeling a little bad that, having now learned all the pitfalls, the second scarf would be much nicer than the one I made for Cat Daddy.

Cat Daddy: “Well, mine is the original, and you can never beat an original. Plus, no offence, but I think it’s highly likely you’ll mess up the second one, too.”

Great. Thanks.

Anyway, Louis Catorze approves, even though he is a Sunderland fan. Here he is, giving his final quality control check – and, yes, it seems that the tongue is a crucial part of this:

8 thoughts on “Écharpe 2,0

  1. I’m amazed ( after all your comments) how good it looks! And if you’re not careful….you might get too many requests to fulfill before Xmas!

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  2. Well I can’t tell which bits are which! But you could charge extra for a scarf that the Sun King has personally licked… 😉

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    1. Trust me, a close-up view reveals all! And Cat Daddy doesn’t know it’s been licked. (Well, ok, he probably does now.)


  3. I co UK ld not see the parts that were knitted under “the influence” of alcohol but overall the scarf looks fine to me. Well done! And if His Majesty has approved, there is not nothing else to add. 😆

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    1. I tried to arrange the scarf so that it didn’t look too horrendous in the picture! The reality is worse. 🤣


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