Aucun séjour à Paris

Cat Daddy and I had planned a short break in Paris to celebrate his retirement, and we should be there right now. But, because I have wrecked my bad shoulder whilst attempting to restrain Louis Catorze for his spot-on flea treatment, we have had to cancel.

Now, I don’t suppose I can fully blame Catorze for this as it was probably too soon after my surgery to book a holiday anyway; I am still struggling to do most of the things required/desired during a city break (walking, carrying a bag, taking public transport, sitting at a table to eat, etc.). Plus we know how awful Catorze is when given medication, so I should have asked Cat Daddy to do it instead of doing it myself. I suppose there are worse places to spend time than Le Château, but it’s annoying beyond belief to see how remorseless Sa Maj is for his part in making things worse: after the incident he pitter-pattered to his bowl, had a light amuse-bouche of Lily’s Kitchen, then napped in the flowerbed all afternoon (facing away from us rather than towards us, with the spot-on stain very much visible on the back of his neck as if to taunt us).

Luckily for me Cat Daddy has been very understanding indeed, and he has assured me that he is happy for us to relax at home this week. He even made me chateaubriand* with smoked Stilton and creamy mushroom sauce to cheer me up (and I told him that it half-worked so he’s making it again tonight). Catorze, on the other hand, couldn’t care less what we do. Here he is in what is now his own private garden on the sedum roof, like some evil warlord planning his next missile strike:

*With the â or without? I have agonised over this and spent countless hours researching, yet the internet appears to be telling me that both are possible. Which, frankly, is as lame as a competition in which “everybody wins”.

8 thoughts on “Aucun séjour à Paris

  1. Louis Catorze is guiltless of course, though I’m sorry you hurt yourself trying to restrain him for his flea treatment. I’d say the consolation dinner your husband prepared for you would more than make me feel better! I have no doubt you would prefer to have it in Paris, yet even at home it would be a lovely way to recover, a thoughtful thing y=for your spouse to do for you!

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    1. Yes, although I am suffering physically I know that I am actually très fortunate. How is your recovery going? Hope your boys have been showering you with love.


      1. I’m coming along pretty well, fortunately, since blood tests established the blood infection I was thought to have was either less serious than originally thought or I didn’t have one in the first place.

        I have an early September appointment with a pulmonologist who turns out to be the smae one who used to come to my town and who diagnosed my Wegener’s granulomatosis. He moved to Colorado in 2009 or so, but started coming to a clinic in a nearby town at some point. I look forward to seeing him again as he was an excellent doctor.

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  2. Monsieur is simply rendering his opinion as one might expect of a master when one of his staff is injured… He was suffering the indignity of the procedure so whatever you were dealing with was insignificant.

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