Qui a chats n’a point de paix

The three of us managed to survive the hottest day since time began. However, it was the following night that posed more of a problem, and now I have a new “worst night’s sleep of my life”.

I changed bedrooms three times – with Louis Catorze in tow each time – in an effort to cool down. And, when each attempt yielded no satisfactory results, I ended up sleeping in the kitchen with the back door open, just as I did that time when Catorze wore his cone and couldn’t get through the cat flap to use les toilettes.

Then, when the storm came at around 2:30am, the little sod whooped with joy and pitter-pattered out to seek the highest point – our shed with the sedum roof – and to scream at the clouds.

Anyway, on a more positive and less weird note, Cat Daddy’s last few days at work are almost here and I am trying to persuade him to write a guest blog entry in the future about what it’s like to be permanently at home with Catorze. Sadly he’s not keen on the idea.

(I actually meant not keen on the idea of writing a guest blog entry, but it turns out that he’s also not keen on the idea of being permanently at home with Catorze. Just the other day I overheard an exchange of meows and “Shut up!”s from the next room, followed by, “Do you hear this? This is a sign of my life to come!”)

Cat Daddy does, of course, have plans for his retirement, and I don’t suppose being followed around Le Château by a vampire-toothed, screaming, psycho animal is one of them. But writing is incredibly therapeutic and stress-relieving, even if the subject matter is the cause of your stress. And Cat Daddy is forever complaining that I portray him as far meaner than he really is (“You make me out to be a complete ****” is his usual refrain) so this would be a perfect way to ensure accurate representation.

Qu’en pensez-vous, Mesdames et Messieurs: a new incarnation for Cat Daddy as a guest blogger? If enough of us bully and pressure him show some support and enthusiasm, perhaps he will change his mind …

Photo taken during one of their many alfresco Boys’ Club sessions:

17 thoughts on “Qui a chats n’a point de paix

  1. I would love to hear CD’s take on the travails of le Chateau. Our youngest son wrote and illustrated a couple of children’s books, co-authored by the bride. While he would never admit to such, it was therapeutic for him. The story line was the bride writing the first chapter on what went wrong at school and other places included scans of notes from the teachers, and the son wrote the next chapter about the same event, though he was fighting galactic overlords. He’s secretly proud.

    I’m in favor.

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    1. That sounds like a wonderful book! I don’t know if my writing partnership with Cat Daddy would work as well, given that he’s so grumpy when it comes to Sa Maj, but I would like to give it a go.


  2. It’s always good to get a different perspective and I’m sure it would only be a good thing for CD to get his innermost thoughts about Le Boys Club out in the open and off his chest for our entertainment and education 🙂

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  3. I would enjoy blogs by Cat Daddy. I have a question: am I correct that he worked for Tea Pig? I thought I remembered that from one of your posts. When I was in the Cotswolds in April, my friends and I stopped into something called National Herb Garden—don’t recall the exact name. In the gift shop were selections of Tea Pig. I bought one. And now I wonder why there is a dachshund on the box and not a black cat, and whether the tea bags, which feel like fabric, are compostable along with my egg shells, orange peels, etc.
    Happy retirement Cat Daddy.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely message and good wishes. Cat Daddy was not just an employee, but one of the founders! The Snooze bedtime tea does have a cat on it, which is ironic as Sa Maj wakes us up constantly with his nocturnal screaming. 😱


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