FURminateur 3: Le Soulèvement du Roi

Louis Catorze has utterly acquiesced during brushing and FURmination. Obviously my eardrums and my nerves will be thanking him/my lucky stars/the Goddess for this. But I am cross beyond belief that he chose to be good at the worst moment possible: when I was trying to demonstrate to a friend what a horror he was.

Me: “Watch this.” [I pick up his FURminator and assume the vice-like Stranglehold of Death. Catorze is totally fine with this. This has never happened before, EVER.]

My friend: “He doesn’t seem to mind too much.”

Me: “Yeah, but watch this!” [I start FURminating. Catorze sits in complete silence, statue-still except for a few nuzzles of the FURminator, and lets me get on with it.]

My friend: “He still seems fine.”

Me: “Yeah, but watch THIS!” [I FURminate more vigorously although, obviously, not so much so that the little sod is in discomfort. Catorze flops onto his back, rolls, stretches and purrs.]

My friend: “Erm …”

Me: “For crying out loud. Look! LOOK!” [Silence, apart from the sounds of the FURminator on Catorze’s happy rump, and him purring and loving every moment.]

My friend: “Maybe he wasn’t really that bad before. Maybe you’ve just misremembered it.”

Me, ceasing FURmination: “Oh, forget it.”

So the little sod has gone from absolutely hating being brushed/FURminated to loving it, which is good. But, no doubt, my friends will all think I am stupid or a liar.

“Or a stupid liar,” Cat Daddy pipes, helpfully.

20 thoughts on “FURminateur 3: Le Soulèvement du Roi

    1. Well, that was one area where Catorze was consistently bad for everyone who attempted it, but I know exactly what you mean! 🙄

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  1. 😂😂😂 Sorry for laughing, but it’s like he knows what he’s doing to embarrass you in front of Catorze Pilgrims and friends. The real test will come when no one else is watching. 🖤🖤🖤

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  2. Glad he’s liking it after all….but they are the limit for showing us up!

    Maya was totally off her special diet food….not eating anything…losing weight etc etc
    My friends are coming to cat-sit for us. They have come a few days before we are due to leave so the cats can get used to them. I explain that Maya is off her food and needs to be coaxed to eat!

    The next day my friend points to Maya….eating Inca’s food, having polished off her own dish! Words totally failed me! Little sod!

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    1. It’s terrifying, isn’t it? But finally people get to see the real him, instead of the kittenish, playful thing that he pretends to be when people visit.

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  3. We have a temporary respite live-in carer here for 3 days and last night I introduced her to the kitty gang and explained that she needed to be a bit careful with Harley as he can nip, and the next thing I know he’s on her lap purring like his namesake. I ask you!!

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