Psycho kitty, qu’est-ce que c’est? (Partie 2)

Louis Catorze is bringing psycho back. Not that it ever really went away. 

Latest habits include: 

  • Screaming when he wants to be stroked 
  • Screaming when he wants to play
  • Screaming when hungry
  • Screaming when not hungry
  • Forcefully headbutting hands that ignore the screaming 
  • Stomping around the house at night (a small cat can be surprisingly noisy on wooden floorboards) 
  • Bouncing around on our bed whilst we are trying to sleep, doing that closed-mouth whine which is softer than a scream but which still wakes us up
  • Knocking things off our bedside tables in the middle of the night 
  • Demanding wild play at times when we are busy doing other things and, when we finally give in and do the Dark Lord’s bidding, deciding that he no longer wants the play and walking away

Cat Daddy had the genius idea of taking him to the vet, but they’ll only say that there’s nothing wrong with him and that he’s just enjoying life. 

Sadly we’re not – in fact, we are being run ragged with his behaviour – but, as any cat owner will confirm, it’s not about us.

17 thoughts on “Psycho kitty, qu’est-ce que c’est? (Partie 2)

    1. He looks utterly deranged here, doesn’t he? This is the side that nobody else sees because he pretends to be all sweetness and light when people visit.


  1. Brilliant! Sorry, I could not help laughing! What you describe is not far away from James’ behaviour and yes, it can be a little annoying and tiring but what can we do!

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  2. My parents had a cat who would cry to be let our, then jump on the bed. When that stopped working, she started shredding a book on the headboard (paperback). They stopped putting books on the headboard. Finally, when all other methods failed, she would scratch her nails across the heat register. When I stayed over, I would just get up at the crying.

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