FURminateur 2: Le Dernier Jugement

Good grief. Louis Catorze looks disgusting. It seems that the FURmination a few days ago has stimulated his skin to release some sort of crud, and now he is all speckled and dandruffy. He looks just like he did when I accidentally poured xylitol all over him, and it’s so foul that Cat Daddy is threatening to bathe him. 

He doesn’t appear to me remotely bothered by the speckles but, for obvious reasons, it bothers us. We would all far rather have a non-dandruffy cat than a dandruffy one, wouldn’t we? 

FURminator users: please tell me that this won’t happen EVERY time I FURminate, and that it’s just a little first-time-user glitch?


5 thoughts on “FURminateur 2: Le Dernier Jugement

  1. I have nothing helpful to say about Furminator…..but I did want to comment on how striking sa maj and his cute fangs look in this pic.

    Plus, I thought of you both the other day when my own shrieky black cat ran out the front and proceeded to roll around the dirt in the road…she then had the audacity to bite me when I picked her up.

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  2. Yes it might but you could try stroking him after his FURminating, with a dry towel. This will remove said crud. Might he tollerate evening primrose oil? Either on his food or directly on his body somewhere. My darling Bubbles used to get cruddy but responded to this oil. Might be worth a thought? Caroline x

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