Le Roi est malin: vive Le Roi!


La vie est belle. It’s now March and almost officially springtime, the weekend is here, our bathroom floor is done so we no longer feel like we’re camping, Łukasz who did the work survived Louis Catorze’s screaming and is still speaking to us, and sometimes the little sod’s eyes look as if they’re getting better. They’re probably not as good as this picture would suggest – I got very lucky with the camera angle and the light – but he is behaving perfectly normally (for him) in every other way so, for the moment, we are not unduly concerned.

However, his cruel bastardliness remains constant, striking from nowhere like an earthquake and with a few little aftershocks that you should have expected but that always knock you for six. 

Last night, the minute Cat Daddy sat down, the little sod got off my lap and went for his. He has, of course, done this about 873 times in the past, so this is nothing new, but previously he would at least go through the pretence of liking me for around 15 minutes before departing to the greener grass. On this occasion he didn’t even give it a minute. In fact, as soon as Cat Daddy approached to sit down, I could feel Sa Maj’s horrid, treacherous little paws fidgeting and squirming to prepare himself for his flight. 

Cat Daddy felt so bad for me that he actually told his boy off for his rudeness. And, to cheer me up, we spent the next half hour complaining about him. But, at the same time, wouldn’t life be much easier if we humans could be that honest? I would love to be able to say, “I like that person better than you and, now that they’ve arrived, I would rather spend time with them,” and I am sure there are plenty who would love to say it to me, too. 

Not long ago I had a visit from a friend who knows about Catorze’s mistreatment of me but has never seen it in person. I couldn’t wait for her to witness it so that I would have one person on my side (whereas Cat Daddy just pretends to be on my side to keep the peace and is really on Le Roi’s side). And, naturellement, during her visit the little sod ignored his daddy and was all over me, as if to say, “See how she lies?” 

As I have always said, he has never left visible marks on a human body nor on any object; his modus operandi is psychological torture, preferably the kind that makes you look like an idiot or a fantasist if you try to prove it to others. 

My friend: “Awww. But you wouldn’t have him any other way, would you?”

No comment. 

11 thoughts on “Le Roi est malin: vive Le Roi!

  1. I can relate to that 250%. Maya will put up with sitting NEXT to me…..but should CD turn up, off she jumps and sits right close, with her two paws on him….as if to say “ he’s MY daddy”! Yet she comes and wakes me with a claw and demands strokes…..and leaves him peacefully to sleep! Rant over!

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    1. He is an absolute idiot. Jus eyes are weird: in normal light they seem so much better but in bright sunlight they still look awful. 😐


  2. I enjoy your writings on His Majesty. You are a good a writer. People with power tend to be…let’s say “difficult” and I do not think animals are an exception. I love all cats, young, old, breed, no breed, white, black but looking at your little sire in this last photograph, I could not help thinking of a little devil, there is something in that face, in that expression…

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments! He is the devil himself and he gives us the creeps at times. 😈


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