2018 vous dit adieu

If cats could make New Year resolutions, they wouldn’t. 

Resolutions are what we humans do to better ourselves, but cats think that they’re great as they are and that it’s the rest of the world who should change its pathetic, inadequate behaviour. We also make resolutions to improve our everyday lives and to make them easier and, again, cats don’t have to concern themselves with all that. That’s why they have us. 

Bonne Année to you all, and thank you for your support this year.


11 thoughts on “2018 vous dit adieu

  1. ‘half way down the stairs is a stair that I sit, there isn’t a stair that is quite like it. I’m not at the bottom, I’m not at the top but this is the stair where I always stop’

    It’s an absolute joy to read your stories and I thank you for the fun and laughs that dear little Louis brings to me, so often in times of need. Bless you all and I hope you have a great New Year xxx

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    1. What a great poem! In actual fact this photo was taken on 5th November and the little sod, far from being scared of fireworks, sat here to get a better view! 😆 Bonne Année!

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  2. How true! Cats are perfect as they are….we should try to get that perfect balance of superiority and nonchalant… ness that gets you out of trouble whatever you have done! Happy NewYear to Louis and his followers. X

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  3. ‘bonne Annee to you all. and Louis truly you are great!!! i doubt you realise just how lucky you are to have the amazing maman et pere that you do!!!! You et Chat Pere have a wonderful new year. for me, i retire on january 31st so i am working on being content!!! avec mon trois chats. much love from me, Steve, Tomas, and Kasper xx

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    1. Merci! 2019 is also the year that Cat Daddy retires, although he made a funny face when I mentioned more time at home with Le Roi. 😆


      1. one must have lots of ideas for retirement i think. otherwise one becomes a servant of the ruling feline….. but perhaps you dejeuner will be ready for you when you get home ???

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  4. Bonne Annee to you all, too! I don’t doubt that 2019 will throw us all some googlies and challenges, but cats will continue being perfect and we will continue to minister to their every need. Steve and I and the Skipton Six send our love, best wishes and purrs for a happy New Year xxxxxxx

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