La ténacité permet d’atteindre l’excellence


This darned cat is going to be the death of me. Every morning and evening I am forced to crush up Lily’s Kitchen biscuits in my expensive John Lewis stone pestle and mortar and scatter the resulting gravelly, powdery mess over his Acana Pacifica. If I put them in whole, he cherry-picks only them and leaves the rest.

I should have waited a little longer before starting Phase Une. But the chances of Louis Catorze liking the new food better than his old one – given that he doesn’t really like any food at all, apart from the odd sliver of jambon de Bayonne or organic mountain Comté – were very slim indeed, so the odds really should have been in my favour. But the little sod went out of his way to make sure they weren’t. 

The time spent crushing is also starting to get to me. On Thursday morning, had I not stopped to do it, I would have caught the bus normally. Instead, I had to sprint undignifiedly for it like an idiot, coated in a fine dust of Lily’s Kitchen Fabulous Fish and probably smelling of it, too, falling over my own feet as I got on. This can never, ever happen again.

Cat Daddy: “For crying out loud. Just give him the new food! It’s not as if he’s coming off heroin.” 

No: food waste is food waste, whether it’s human food or cat food. Last week I even walked home from the pub with a little copper pot of coleslaw, because I was too full to eat it but didn’t want it thrown away. Cat Daddy ridiculed me beyond belief … then wanted to share some of the coleslaw for lunch the next day. (I agreed but charged him the pub price.)

I really, really want Le Roi to like the new food without wasting the old one. So I don’t suppose there’s much I can do, except quite literally keep my nose to the grindstone.

14 thoughts on “La ténacité permet d’atteindre l’excellence

    1. Actually, maybe I was a bit hasty charging him the pub price as he only consumed half a portion. I shall refund him half of what he paid me at my earliest convenience.


  1. Do you have a blender? If so, you can probably make a whole lot of crumbs at once, store them in the fridge or freezer for freshness and then dole them out as needed on the old food. Or have a marathon crush in your fine mortar and pestle and store your stash the same way. Perverse beasts, these cats!

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    1. I don’t trust him. When we used to wrap his pills in jambon de Bayonne, he would refuse the ones that had been sitting around for a while. So we couldn’t prepare a whole load and save them for later use. Bastard cat.


  2. Hah! I feel your pain. Tony is a fussy bugger and leaves the crumbs of his dried food and hassles me for a top up. He also never eats all his wet food, there’s always a bit thag has to be chucked which really annoys me. His food waste is higher than mine and my husband’s combined!

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    1. Oh my! Naughty Tony! Le Roi used to be the same with wet food and would probably only eat it 30-50% of the time. So I started giving him dry food only. Some members of the cat community didn’t respond well and would bleat, “But what about urinary tract infections, wahh wahh” but you can’t make them eat what they don’t want!


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