Le plastique défigure le monde

Cat Daddy is waging a war on plastic, after finding out just how much of it ends up in seas and landfill. He doesn’t have quite such a problem with the hard plastic that can be recycled, such as bottles, although he is pretty cross with Easter eggs for all their unnecessary packaging and relative lack of chocolate. The main target of his rage is the floppy, filmy plastic that our local council used to recycle but now won’t.

I have been clobbered by Cat Daddy for buying from mail-order companies whose goods arrive in bubble wrap. I have also been clobbered for my use of ladies’ sanitary items because of their plastic content, although Cat Daddy has helpfully reminded me that I “probably won’t need them for much longer”. Even Louis Catorze didn’t escape a clobbering for his Acana Pacifica, which comes in one of those non-recyclable foil-plastic hybrid things.

“Can’t we just give him canned cat food?” asked Cat Daddy. Given that at least 50% of last year’s Le Blog was about trying to make Catorze consume things that he didn’t want to consume, I’d say that were a firm NON. Cat food tins seem to be the most environmentally-friendly option by far but, if your selfish, awkward crotte of a cat won’t eat wet food, there’s not much you can do … apart from put pressure on the supplier to find alternative packaging. Or find a supplier who is doing it properly and just hope and pray that the aforementioned selfish, awkward crotte will eat their food instead.

The makers of Acana Pacifica say this about their packaging:

“At present, our packaging is not recyclable in most areas. While there are lots of recycled bags, none of them are appropriate for our products. This is due to the fact that we do not use chemical preservatives, so our bags need to form a complete barrier to protect your pet’s food from the outside environment.

We would prefer to reduce our impact on the environment, but the technology just doesn’t yet exist for a product like ours. That will change as more and more pressure is placed on packaging producers, and we will continue to explore these opportunities.”

This doesn’t really help us much, but at least they replied promptly. I have sent similar enquiries to many other companies and have discovered that they fall into one of two camps: those who are happy to answer your questions and those who really don’t want to at all.

Lily’s Kitchen, par contre, claim that their dry pet food packaging is fully compostable. (And, yes, I wish I had found that out BEFORE I reordered the massive sack of Acana Pacifica which will last the little sod a good 6+ months.) In terms of quality of ingredients Lily’s Kitchen seems to tick the same boxes as Acana Pacifica, so I am going to give it a try when his existing food runs down.

Changing the food of a cat who doesn’t like food is a bigger pain in the derrière than one can possibly imagine. But worth a shot, oui?


11 thoughts on “Le plastique défigure le monde

    1. I’m going to phase in the new food super-slowly so he will have no excuse to be difficult & refuse it. He’s a stubborn little crotte. He would starve himself before he ate something against his will.

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  1. I have one of those cats too. Fortunately she eats food (only the expensive brand) in recyclable cans. I would love to get her on the same food as the rest of the crew but she’s not having it. I recently saw how much plastic goes into the ocean. I am appalled. Before we come up with packaging, there needs to be a way to recycle it.

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  2. We just had a showing at our little 100+ year old theater of the movie Bag It. The culture in our little town is very progressive with ecological sensibilities, so things are moving forward. We still have to pay for regional pickup of our recyclables, where most places I’ve been there’s no charge as the companies do create income, so slow progress re that.


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        1. I’m actually not joking. We also leave him to guard our cheese board, knowing that his chatter-alarm is a sign that a fly is at large!

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  3. Gros bious for Cat Daddy! We have our own war on plastic here. Plastic is so toxic and its chemicals permeate anything that comes in contact. I shop in the bio markets and am appauled by the amount of plastic there. My son had a cat who was allergic to plastic, she lost fur on her face and had horrible sores. The vet’s first question was “Does she have a plastic food and or water dish?” We got rid of the offending articles and her face cleared up. Does this tell us anything?

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