Il y a beaucoup à apprendre des bêtes

Finalement, 2 months after Halloween, Louis Catorze manages to deliver an almost-passable Halloween portrait. This picture isn’t ideal in terms of composition but it’s the best effort to date, and, on paper, at least, it captures the essence of my favourite day of the year: a black cat, a fine set of fangs and even a photobomb from The Count himself.

I didn’t set it up that way: Count Dracula would usually be on a Yule tree – that’s the way we do things here at Le Château – but he is hanging on a door handle this year, on account of being neither waterproof enough for the outdoor tree nor small enough for Louis Catorze’s mini-tree. It was just a coincidence that he happened to be lurking in the background during one of Catorze’s psycho play sessions, but a good coincidence nonetheless.

It would have been nice to have had this picture back in October, instead of having 748+ shots of his arse end walking away from a pumpkin. But that’s Le Roi for you: Sun King, Lord of Misrule, High Emperor of Doing Inappropriate Things at Inappropriate Times (I haven’t forgotten about the 3am popping of bubble wrap) and the epitome of all that is wrong with the world.

And on that perfect note I shall wish you all a joyous and prosperous 2018. Thank you for your ongoing support of the little sod.


10 thoughts on “Il y a beaucoup à apprendre des bêtes

  1. OMG…..those FANGS! So happy to see the purrfect photo. This one needs to be in his visitor’s book. You will be 5 hours ahead of us……hoping your entry into 2018 is amazing. Xxx

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  2. The little royal Sabre Tooth! Thank you for this past year, for my favorite and most read narrative/blog. May Catorze continue to flourish. Knock on wood, but he seems so lush and perhaps has finally grown beyond his maladies. xo

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    1. How lovely that this is your favourite blog! (I half-expected you to add, “I only follow 2 in total, & the other one is about [something boring].”) Le Roi is, indeed, in a good way right now. Flash back to this time last year & I am in disbelief at how much he has progressed! Merci for your much-valued support. 😊


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