Ma plus grande faiblesse est ma sensibilité


We have had a wonderful time in Somerset with Cat Daddy’s hilarious family. (Who else but they would be bonkers enough to wear sombreros and make margaritas on Christmas Day?) But, sadly, our festivities were somewhat marred by the fact that I am still ill, with all-night coughing and sweating. Being ill at Christmas really is the pits, because the next person to be struck down will probably get it in time for New Year’s Eve, and will definitely know that it’s from you (and hate you for it). And now I have come home to a cat who couldn’t care less if he tried, which isn’t helping.

Louis Catorze doesn’t like sick people. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s more than mere “dislike”: it’s pure and unadulterated contempt. On Christmas Eve I happened to sneeze whilst sitting next to him, and the little sod glared at me and let out a nasty meow of utter loathing. He wasn’t even on my lap at the time, but clearly his abhorrence was such that he couldn’t/wouldn’t tolerate my sickness even on the periphery of his cosy little Boys’ Club bubble.

If cats can have a sixth sense for unhelpful things such as paranormal activity and when their humans are coming home from work, why the heck can’t they pick up on the fact that we are sick and show us a little love? Or, at the very least, just not be such cruel and heartless shites?

I am presently curled up at one end of the sofa, sneezing, sniffing and guzzling green tea with mint. Cat Daddy and his boy are cuddled up together at the other end, watching what appears to be every single Mike Tyson fight, back to back, in chronological order. And I have just looked down into my tea and seen a clump of cat hair floating in it. I don’t suppose Cat Daddy will make me any more, because he can’t possibly disturb Sa Majesté.

Perhaps, next Christmas, I should remind Catorze that Santa only visits good kitties who are kind to their mammas?

3 thoughts on “Ma plus grande faiblesse est ma sensibilité

  1. So sorry, at least I can sympathize though I’m distant and no longer capable of being furry black, but this morning the one half of a croissant and some tea was the first thing I’ve eaten in two days. The three kilos lost is not a recommended weight reduction programme. I’ll spare you the projectile details. Merry Christmas! Bah!

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  2. So very sorry, my husband & I can truly sympathize with you. We spent the Christmas holiday drinking broths, soups and anything else that would soothe our sore, coughing throats. We had to cancel family coming to celebrate with us, so we spent it all alone from human contact! BUT, we have 8 of the precious furry feline souls, so I was comforted with at least 4 – 5 at a time, snuggling me into a peaceful Heaven! I hope you feel better very soon!

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    1. Oh no, so sorry to hear that you were both unwell. But at least you spent that time with much nicer cats than mine! Wishing you well. 😊


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