La chaleur est là

Le Château, its contents and its occupants are melting in the heat. We have dealt with heat before, of course, but, when it’s so hot that packets of salted peanuts in our kitchen cupboards start to ooze oil – which doesn’t sound that bad but, in reality, it’s like the initial signs of a poltergeist haunting and is creepy as hell – it really is the end of days.

But it’s all right for some, who are able to lounge languidly in their cool chaise longues. The glamorous piece of cat furniture that you see was a gift from one of Louis Catorze’s wonderful supporters and, because it’s positioned on the ground floor by the patio doors AND raised off the hot ground, it’s the coolest spot in the house. On sticky nights, when it’s too uncomfortable to snuggle in bed with us, Sa Majesté heads here instead.

Le Roi is also partial to having a freezer-cold bottle of vodka rolled up & down his body when temperatures soar (see photo from the archives), but Cat Daddy has imposed strict conditions on this. “It’s the chaise longue or the cold vodka massage, not both. Let’s not go overboard.”

Exactement. We don’t want the Sun King becoming too pampered.


5 thoughts on “La chaleur est là

  1. 🙂 I know the feeling … it’s hot for weeks here too. Last weekend we went to visit family who have a wonderful black labrador and she loved to play in the water!
    Though I love our Sunking, in this case I must agree with Cat Daddy. Catorzes beautiful chaise longue will do I guess ;-).

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  2. I bet as soon as land on UK soil….no more cooling will be required. So make the most of this pampering Louis….and I’ll be heading to the shops to get warmer clothes. 😸😼😻. See you in just over a couple of months my furry friend!

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