As you are aware, the pilling has been going excruciatingly badly, with Louis Catorze becoming more and more adept at spitting out, clamping his jaws shut or being a menace in some other violent way.

Many people have suggested hiding the Gabapentin in food, but Louis Catorze doesn’t really like food – he can even take or leave Dreamies – so this wouldn’t be tempting enough. But, yesterday, I remembered that he was quite fond of the jamón Ibérico that Oscar the dog’s folks brought for us from their holiday. We haven’t given him any since, so it may have been a one-off fluke but … qui ose gagne, oui?

Cat Daddy pulled a face when I suggested wrapping a pill in jamón Ibérico. “What makes you think that would work? We’ve never given him jamón Ibérico, ever.”

Oh. Oops.

After the inevitable lecture I pleaded with him to at least try it, reminding him that a small spend versus thrice-daily torment was surely worth a punt. So off he went to the supermarket for the French equivalent, which is jambon de Bayonne, but there wasn’t any so he had to make do with Gabapentin con prosciutto di Parma.


Early this morning, he ate another dose.

And, all being well, he will keep eating them until he’s well again,

THIS IS LIFE-CHANGING. No more disturbed sleep! No more physical fights during unsociable hours! No more stressing about going on holiday and having our cat-sitter shredded to death! Should he end up needing medication for life, all we’d have to do is prepare a few hammy, druggy hors d’oeuvres in advance and notre ami will do the rest.

La vie n’est pas belle … but it’s certainly less merdique than it was previously.


7 thoughts on “L’amuse-bouche

  1. I almost suggested some form of le jambon yesterday as that is the ONLY thing Antoine really cares for (although he likes the bog standard honey roasted nonsense that I sometimes buy for sandwiches). So pleased you have found something Catorze will actually eat. Long may it continue!

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  2. Having gone down this road more than twice, be warned. This trick will work untill you get caught. If he catches the pill inside he will check for it and remove it before eating his treat. Hope that doesn’t happen any time soon. Sorry to rain on your picnic but at least its a temporary medicine routine. My older girl had to be on heart meds and it was a waiting game with a Plan B always waiting in the wings. May he eat treats in blissful ignorance for as long as he needs to. 💞

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  3. Just remembered another old trick that has worked before. Find something like butter, vitamin paste like Nutrical or vitamin oil like Linatone that he will lick then put his pill in that. If he likes it well enough he will lick it up and pay no mind to the pill. 💓

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