Le nouvel an

As we say goodbye to a year that has been pretty merdique, and welcome a new year which, surely, cannot be any worse, all of us at Le Château would like to thank you sincerely for your ongoing support of Louis Catorze.

When I started Le Blog I never imagined we would reach in excess of 140 followers – I expected maybe 20 of my friends to follow, with around half of these deciding “Enough of this shit” and unfollowing after a fortnight or two – so to know that you are all still with us is wonderful.

Special thanks to those of you who have kindly sent gifts to Sa Majesté or come to visit him. We hope to see many more of you next year, although he gets booked up early so don’t leave it too long. He already has 3 visitors arranged for January!

Bonne année from us, and may 2017 be a joyous and happy year for you.


8 thoughts on “Le nouvel an

  1. Wishing you all a splendid new year and hoping the Handsome King resolves his latest disagreement with his tail. Le Blog has brought tears of joy and laughter and consternation for the wonderful Louis and I always look forward to reading the new messages as they appear in my inbox. Lots of love to Louis and Cat Daddy and Houseguests and special love to you Nemone as you’ve been so kind through my own troubles. Happy 2017 😚

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  2. I think it must be sustaining for you that there are so many who love Catorze. And in a world of uncertainty, the travails of petit merde, the ups and downs, the deeper metaphor of no detente with Oscar, the lime mystery and on and on all mean that we can find comfort in the haven of this continuing narrative. I know it was not your intention, but your love and care for Le Roi also is inspiring on how we all ought to be. Your readers and followers also care deeply for you, and feel in some measure what you’re going through.

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