La liberté de la presse

Cats and newspapers. Every single time. WHY? I wish I knew what they put in the ink/paper to make newspapers such irresistibly comfortable cat mats.

But, of course, this never happens with old newspapers lying around, nor with ones that you’re not interested in reading. It only happens when you are mid-read and completely gripped by the civil war report (or sex scandal – depending on the calibre of the newspaper).

Cat Daddy thought he’d successfully outfoxed Louis Catorze by keeping a second newspaper handy and deploying that each time the first was sat upon, but the second newspaper is never as good as the first. It is invariably an older copy which Cat Daddy has already read from cover to cover, therefore something of a compromise read. I once suggested that he buy 2 copies of the same newspaper each time he visits the newsagent, but that didn’t go down too well; I got the same look that I get when he catches me putting ice cubes into le royal wine glass on a hot day.

So, unless you are ungallant enough to just shove the cat off, I guess there is no solution to the problem. Not even Cat Daddy is prepared to go that far. The last photo shows him delicately lifting his dear boy’s paws to read underneath them:

4 thoughts on “La liberté de la presse

  1. It’s not only newspapers being sit upon, even modern technology isn’t spared: what to think of sitting with a laptop and a cat 🐱 who is determined to sit on your lap or lie in your arms 😸? We miss it now, but haven’t found a “cure” for it by then, except typing one handed 😉.

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  2. Cat Daddy needs to learn to trick the Sun King by starting to read yesterday’s newspaper, and when that’s claimed by the Royal arse he can read today’s paper in peace 🙂

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  3. Well of course as a member of the BOYS club….he is not likely to push him off! Lifting his toes but not treading on them! So when you both have a newspaper each…who´s paper does he appropriate?

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