Ma peau est parfaite!

Someone is highly pleased with themselves because they’re 100% scab-free!


I’m quite staggered by the speed at which the steroids have worked. When I look at pictures of the little sod taken just 3 weeks ago, he looked so different. And the change in his personality is astounding; whereas previously we would have to drag his arse out of the Forbidden Greenhouse and force him to interact with us, now he won’t shut up or leave us alone.

My one and only wish this festive season was for Louis Catorze to be well, and it’s incredible to think that it’s steadily becoming more of a reality than a mere prospect.

8 thoughts on “Ma peau est parfaite!

  1. You all three deserve a respite from the dreaded lurgie he has suffered since he came to live with you. His changed temperament is simply that he is now happy and sees you as his very caring people. ☺


  2. Where can I buy this steroid at? I have kitties that have allergies and that causes them to have all these horrible scabs.


    1. Catorze had the steroid injection at the vet’s. I’d be very surprised if it were something you could just buy without medical supervision &, even if you could, I’d be terrified to administer it in case I messed it up. What has your vet said about your cats?


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