Le papier bulles


Dear God. Yet another night of disturbed sleep, because a certain someone decided to break into the cupboard under the stairs and pop bubble wrap (again) at some hellish early hour. Now, I don’t know if you have ever been woken from a deep sleep by the sound of bubble wrap – probably not, as I don’t imagine you share a house with the sort of inconsiderate shite who would do such a thing – but, believe me, it doesn’t sound like bubble wrap. It sounds like gunshots. So, rather than waking up cursing that inconsiderate shite, you wake up terrified for your life and reaching for the nearest weapon with which to defend yourself (in my case, a tube of Dermalogica moisturiser).

Cat Daddy got up between around 3am and 4am to go downstairs and haul Louis Catorze’s arse out of the cupboard. I was mildly perplexed that he chose to say, “Louis! What are you doing?” rather than just getting on with the hauling out – after all, Louis Catorze wasn’t about to reply – but I guess it was still better than having to go down and sort it out myself. After much scrabbling around I eventually heard the cupboard door close, followed by, “You’re putting on weight. You’re so MEATY!” Then there was Cat Daddy’s stomp-stomp back upstairs followed by a gentle pitter-patter of stupid little paws after him. Finally Louis Catorze jumped onto our bed, stretched out across both our stomachs and went to sleep on top of us.

WHY IS HE BEING SO ANNOYING? I suspect that, if we were dealing with a child, Mumsnet and their sort would be instructing me to wear the little sod out with relentless activity during the day in order to make him sleep at night. Louis Catorze sleeps under a bed from about 9am till after dark and barely moves a whisker during daylight hours; could it be that I need to kick his lazy behind into some sort of action? It seems rather mean to wake a cat from his sleep, but surely it can’t be good to go through a whole day without a spot of sunlight touching his body; maybe a bit of vitamin D could be good for his immune system?

I guess these are questions I could ask the vet when I book the appointment, although if any of Le Roi’s loyal subjects have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

6 thoughts on “Le papier bulles

  1. Indeed I would advice have some playtime with him. We played with our cats twice a day for about 15 Minutes and held the last play session of the day at 10.00 am, before bed time. He needs the excercise, both fysical and moral, certainly in times of suling. It makes the bonding stronger and will make his night adventures less likely.
    Naughty Le Roi!


    1. Thanks for the advice. I’m very happy to dedicate some time towards play, but it feels cruel to drag him from his sleeping spot and force it on him: “You WILL have fun, whether you want to or not!”


      1. No it’s not. It is really important he gets his daily excercise. Isn’t there something which makes him come out of his own? Bubble wrap perhaps ;-)? And then continue with playing. Don’t know, just a suggestion. But it certainly is not cruel if you try to wake him up once or twice a day. It’s for his best.


  2. Does he like to play with the laser pen…that always gets mine going, but since I have several they usually play amongst themselves during the day…perhaps a new kitten friend to get him moving?


  3. Jackson Galaxi would indeed advise play therepy. Lots of fishing pole toys to chase and be interactive with. But I too have a bubble wrap fanatic who looks like a larger version of Louis at 12 lbs and once he gets into his bubble wrap no fish pole toy will lure him from it! I accept a tie game from him by letting him have his bubble wrap by day 😉


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