Étranger en terre étrange

Mon Dieu: and who might you be, meaty Chat Noir?


We recently spotted this large gentleman – easily 6kg, most likely more – making his way across our garden and that of Family Next Door, finally alighting at Blue the Smoke Bengal’s place. Cat Daddy and I have never seen him before, and neither has Blue’s mamma. We haven’t yet asked That Neighbour but we are saving this photo to show him at some future time, when there is Black Cat Trouble and we wish to shift the blame elsewhere.

Cat Daddy: “He’s huge. He would absolutely finish Louis if they ever met.”

Now, this is where we disagree. He may be half the size of the visitor, but I would bet Le Château on Louis Catorze coming out on top. We’ve had too much evidence of his absolute supremacy for this to be in any doubt; he has asserted himself over Blue, Beefy Tabby Tigger, Goliath and some other cat that we haven’t yet identified, all of whom are bigger, and various dogs, plus Cat Daddy has seen foxes run away from him. Catorze may be small, but those who annoy him (and those who mind their own business and steer clear) soon regret it.

I’m hoping that, for his own sake, the new boy won’t come by again, because I would rather not have any trouble. However, Catorze says, “Bring it on, mon gars”.

“Don’t mess with moi.”

20 thoughts on “Étranger en terre étrange

  1. My little black female – 12 years old and petite- rules the roost. She stands in the doorway and swats anyone who wishes to come in until I finally either pick her up and move her or open a can of cat food to distract her.

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  2. Our cat, who is meaty too, hardly ever fights the other cats who enter our garden.
    According to my husband and I, it clearly means our poor cat is neither a king nor a lord of the Underground.

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    1. Or maybe he’s just sensible! I’d far rather Catorze didn’t fight. Cat Daddy, however, likes it that his boy is brave.


  3. My Baggyarse is 6.5kg and runs away from Tabbi Kat who is tiny in comparison. I think small cats make up for lack of size with sheer feistiness.

    We joke that cats teleport. The big lad looks remarkably like Baggy. It might explain a lot.

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  4. I’m sure Louis can handle this situation. I remember the dogs from my neighbours were scared when they saw Mr. Bowie, an almost 8 kg big cat! 🙂

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  5. I long while back I had a black female who weighed in around 10 lbs. She ruled the neighborhood. I saw her chase a greyhound dog that wondered into “her” territory. Poor dog was terrified. Black cats are fearless.

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  6. My Pavarotti, (black,deaf,female, tipped the scales at 2.4
    kilos) roamed the multi acre wilderness beyond our huge back yard with impunity. The house bordered a canal. No duck, dog, fox, racoon, iguana or possom dared cross her. I always marveled at her ability to jump into the house at dinnertime, scream-telling her adventures. Never missed a meal or had a scratch on her…I’m certain it was her 5-alarm yell that kept her safe 😼

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