Le cafard post-vacances

Cat Daddy and I succeeded in our plan to beat the worst of the searing heat on Tuesday, and we were fortunate to spend much of the day in an air-conditioned car. However, when we arrived back at Le Château, it really was the end of days because the screaming started. Not that it had ever really stopped.

Saint Jésus, Louis Catorze has been BEYOND horrendous since our return and it’s like having the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all stampede us at once. Is this really the same cat who received a glowing behaviour report from his chat-sitteur during our absence?

He screamed as we were unloading our bags from the car. He screamed as Cat Daddy watered the parched garden. He screamed as Cat Daddy let fly a string of Unrepeatable Expletives when it started to rain minutes after he had finished watering the garden. And, as if I wouldn’t already have difficulty sleeping with both the brutal heat and the grim realisation that all our summers could be this hot from now on, the little sod alternated between screaming, aggressive headbutting and parkour at hourly intervals throughout the night. And, naturellement, he only did this in my room, steering well clear of his papa (who was in another room as it was cooler than sleeping together).

Catorze only quietened down when dawn broke … and that was when the parakeets started. My happy holiday feeling was gone in an instant, as if it had never existed.

Here he is, watching the birds intently but doing nothing, nichts, niente and nada about their infernal racket:

Bastard birds and bastard cat.

17 thoughts on “Le cafard post-vacances

  1. But he was just telling you how much he missed you!!! Calinette did that when I left, for two days and nights she needed constant cuddles and kisses and constant reassurance that I loved her and would never abandon her! It was exhausting but so cute 🙂

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  2. You sound really delighted to find real life back 😺
    Actually, I’m also afraid of most of our summers being too hot from now on but I’m luckier than you. Thanks to Jésus, Marie, Joseph, there are no parakeets living nearby 🦜
    Take heart. Louis loves you his way 🐈‍⬛

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    1. Oh no! Our garden is also completely burnt out, and we fear that Cat Daddy may have lost his precious Saskatoon berry plants. 😢😢😢


    1. Honestly, that’s not what it was! This is a combination of summer madness + feeling healthy and well + generally being an idiot.

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  3. Ah Catorze, I see you have followed the “What to do when the selfish Humans Desert You to Travel for Their Own Pleasure” manual. Keeping the chat-sitteur bamboozled is an expert move that our Tribe may try in the future. You have completed all steps of the manual, but might I suggest jumping into the suitcase before they have a chance to unpack so you can sprinkle their clothing with feline furry love.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto, Oliver & Lily

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