Le pouvoir du Premier Chat

Blimey, Westminster. We turn our backs for five minutes, and now this! Despite being on holiday, Cat Daddy and I have been following the plot twists and turns with great interest. This has been better entertainment than all the best episodes of Jeremy Kyle* fused together.

*Non-Brits: ask your British friends who didn’t work 9-to-5 jobs between 2005 and 2019.

In short, the U.K. government has just imploded and, whilst this is a wonderful thing because Boris Johnson is one of the most abysmal human beings there is, we are now somewhat nervous as we await the news of what will happen next. Ministers have been resigning in their droves, and just about the only government post still occupied is that of Larry the cat, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Larry has lived at 10 Downing Street since 2011, although a resident cat has, apparently, been a feature of the Office since the reign of Henry VIII. Larry remains a constant presence whilst Prime Ministers have come and gone. (Incidentally, Cat Daddy thinks it’s a wonderful idea for the cat to belong to the house, and for each set of departing humans to leave it behind for the next suckers.) It is said that Larry wasn’t especially keen on David Cameron, something to which I’m sure many of us can relate since he was the one who started all this mess in the first place. Larry also had troubled relations with Palmerston, former Chief Mouser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and their physical fights once led to a lost collar for one party and an injured ear for the other.

At the time of writing this, we had no idea who Larry’s new humans would be, but our country never fails to surprise us every time we think, “It can’t possibly get any worse than this”. The most noxious turd may well have been located, but we still need to fully scoop it out of the litter tray. And then there’s the business of the remaining piss-soaked nuggets and their stubborn stench which, sadly, will linger for some time.

Here are Larry and Palmerston, doing what they do best. Even as an in-fighting coalition, they would be better at leading the country than any member of the Conservative party:

I’d vote for Larry even if he puked in my shoes. (Photo from bbc.co.uk.)
Palmerston is flanked by (left to right) his Feeder, Groomer, Door-Opener/Closer, Toilettes-Cleaner, Kill-Binner and Chief Cuddler. (Photo from mirror.co.uk.)

15 thoughts on “Le pouvoir du Premier Chat

  1. Say, we have a mobile pile of excrement over here who seeks to regain an important government post – just to remind you it COULD be worse !

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  2. America has over 300 million people and the best we can come up with is Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s embarrassing. I will trade Joe for Borris. Compared to our recent presidents, Boris Johnson is Winston Churchill.

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  3. If Cat Daddy and you are on holiday, your blog isn’t.
    Thank you for telling us all those anecdotes. Of course, I agree with you, Larry and Palmerston look nicer than Boris 😺

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  4. I’ll definitely vote for the kitties! Oh wait, you Brexit people don’t like us Europeans anymore so I probably wouldn’t be able to vote! I know: maybe you could BrexMeet with Canada and become one of our provinces, and Larry and Palmerston would be your Premiers! That’d be an excellent political move, finally! (And I’d finally get to meet Louis!!)

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    1. Cat Daddy and I didn’t vote for Brexit! It was the other 52%, not us! We would love you to meet Sa Maj, though. 😊


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