Franchir le temps

It’s a full moon and, once again, Louis Catorze’s energy is through the roof, so much so that Cat Daddy has had to kick him out at The Front a couple of times, just to get some peace. Don’t worry, we always remember to retrieve him again (eventually), usually when his screaming becomes embarrassing.

We try to avoid leaving the house when Catorze is on the rampage at The Front. However, sometimes, if he escapes as we’re on our way out and we can’t grab hold of him to drag his arse back in, we don’t have much choice. Luckily he never roams far and, when we come home, he always greets us, screaming himself hoarse, rolling on the pavement and making a spectacle of himself.

One day he escaped as we were leaving to go out but, luckily, some guests were due to arrive later that evening and they had keys to Le Château. So we messaged them and asked if they would mind looking out for the little sod when they arrived, and shepherding him in if possible.

When we arrived home we found our guests engrossed in trashy reality TV, with Sa Maj happily pitter-pattering and chirping around them. We thanked them for letting him in and asked if he’d come willingly or whether he’d had to be forced/tricked.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you, Mesdames et Messieurs?

“He was already in when we arrived.”

Oh. Mon. Dieu.

As you are aware, once he is out at The Front there is no way of re-entering Le Château unless through a window, or by pitter-pattering many, many houses to the left or the right, then hopping over a fence and cutting through many, many gardens to come back again. The former was not available as an option at the time, and we have no evidence that he has either the brains or the inclination to do the latter.


Leaping through space and time.

21 thoughts on “Franchir le temps

  1. Some paranormal experts believe that bigfoot (bigfeet ? big foota ?)are interdimensional beings. That’s why they can disappear so soon after they are spotted , and appear in one place and then another far enough away to seem unlikey they move like a normal biped. So why wouldn’t Catorze be able to defeat Time & Space too.?
    There haven’t been any bogffot sightings around you lately have there ? Black schucks ? Barguests ? (No in this case a “barguest” is a supernatural entity, not a patron at the local.)

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  2. Who knows? Louis can own an invisibility cloak and wear it to go through your neighbours’gardens without anyone noticing him and come back to Le Château so.

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  3. Cats are also masters in controlling Space-Time Manipulation; the ability to alter the space-time continuum, enabling: Time Manipulation (slowing down, reversing, or stopping time).

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  4. “Je suis SuperCat!” Humans’ subpar brains are no match for my skills. I laugh at their pitiful attempts to deduce my powers…until, of course, it’s mealtime 😸

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    1. As I have said before, one day, long after he’s gone, we will find out that he was never actually a cat. And nobody will be surprised.

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