La fête des jeunes

There is a gang of marauding youths partying in the park over the road. And Louis Catorze is DESPERATE to go out at The Front and join in their festivities.

Obviously there’s not a chance in hell that this will happen. However, this hasn’t stopped the little sod from trying. He is battering and headbutting the shutters, whining like a dying dog, and, the louder the marauding youths and their music become, the more he wants to go out.

We didn’t have to worry about this kind of thing with Luther; although he was adventurous and wandered some distance, he wasn’t especially brave when it came to people and he would run from strangers. Catorze, as we know, doesn’t go far, but he will happily hang out with anyone, anytime. Even marauding youths, in the dead of night, in the run-up to Hallowe’en.

If Cat Daddy were home right now, he’d be talking to Catorze as if I weren’t there, saying, “Aww, poor Louis! She never lets you have any fun, does she?” But he’s not, so tant pis for the pair of them.

Anyway, I am trying to watch a film, and I am being constantly interrupted by whining, creepy staring, and by the little sod repeatedly leaving the room, then pushing the door wide open as he comes back to see if I’ve changed my mind about letting him out. (I haven’t.) The film is supposed to be a tense horror, but the interruptions are more atmosphere-killing than you can possibly imagine.

It’s going to be a long evening. And not because of the marauding youths.

It’s still a NO.

20 thoughts on “La fête des jeunes

    1. Indeed! I hope the marauding youths’ mums have taught them never to speak to black cats whom they don’t know. 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. I admire you being so firm. Louis is not the only one being persistent when wanting something. Personally, I tend to give in in front of such a stubborness and after, I regret it.

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  2. Ohhhh I am so glad you’re keeping him in, even if it might cost your sanity! People can be cruel and stupid and even though he’s driving you crazy, I’m sure you love him and wouldn’t want anything to happen to him 🙂

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    1. Luckily our area is a pretty safe place to be, but The Front is always a bit of an unknown. You never quite know who might be lurking around, and very often if he’s escaped out there I turn the porch light off because I don’t want random park users to see that there’s a cat there. The Back is perfectly safe for him, but of course that’s not where he wants to be … 🙄

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    1. Yes, their party was relatively short. And, of course, when their noise stopped, Sa Maj was no longer interested in going out at The Front. 🙄

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