Le réveil-matin

I have ditched my stupid Lumie Bodyclock. As well as being painfully difficult to set and reset (and, to be fair, the reviewers warned me but I didn’t listen), it doesn’t keep very good time and loses five minutes every couple of months or so. For a clock, this is the most useless quality I can imagine. Nothing else could possibly make a clock more useless than this.

However, Louis Catorze is at hand to wake me up in the mornings. Regretfully he doesn’t do this at the hour that I want, nor the NUMBER of times that I want, but not doing what we want him to do is a recurring theme when it comes to life with him, and we are quite used to it by now. Cat Daddy talks about shutting him outdoors at night, but then he would just go on the rampage around the neighbourhood. And, in a “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” kind of way, I would rather know where he is than have to wonder.

Incidentally, Catorze’s voice has now returned to “normal” after his surgery and he is back to sounding like a whiny child whose mummy has told him that he can’t have any ice cream. However, since October hit, his purr has become louder. Figure THAT one out. And, whereas he used to scream/whine outside the bedroom to wake Cat Daddy after I’d left for work, he now starts the racket BEFORE I HAVE EVEN LEFT, and also scratches at the door. Mon Dieu.

The little sod is absolutely feral at the moment, bouncing around, racing through corridors with his silly little feet skidding on the floorboards, screaming and with an all-consuming desire to escape out at The Front. It’s all too much. God only knows what he will be like on Hallowe’en.

The energy of the Saison du Chat Noir really has given Catorze a shot of adrenaline. He didn’t need one, but I guess that’s our problem, not his.

No rest.

27 thoughts on “Le réveil-matin

  1. I feel for you. I know what it is like. I don’t know what a bodyclock is but we bought an cuckoo clock when we were in Germany and I think it took me six months to get the time to be even close to accurate. We the brothers clock to our other house and I had to start all over. It’s still not right. The adjustment is extremely sensitive and it is easy to go too far. The clock was $1500 euros so I don’t want to discard it.

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    1. Oh no, how frustrating! I don’t blame you for not wanting to bin it. The Lumie Bodyclock is one of those ones that turns on a light which gradually brightens, to mimic the daylight. Great idea but it has to do it at the time you want, otherwise it’s pointless!

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  2. Why doesn’t Cat Daddy teach Louis to play football to channel his devilish energy ? Louis would be more tired and would allow you to spend better nights.

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          1. That and the fact that they are always going in and out, in and out. Cats seem to either love doors or hate them, but they alway want what they don’t have – when it comes to doors.

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            1. They do indeed! If you leave it open, they won’t come. If you shut it, they’ll howl and batter it down.

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