La carte des chats

Earlier this month, Puppy Mamma gave me this:

London has a CAT HISTORY: who knew?

I know. Isn’t it brilliant? I am very lucky to have her as a friend. And, yes, someone has actually taken the time to make a map of cats! Who would do that? (In actual fact I think most of us probably would, and the only reason we haven’t is because we didn’t think of it.)

Naturellement, I began thinking how much I would love Louis Catorze to feature on a cat map. Cat Daddy would, no doubt, argue that nobody cared about seeing where the little sod lived, but his guest book packed with photos and messages suggests otherwise. I even checked our location on the tea towel to see if there would be room to add him and, as you can see, there is. The other cats seem to be concentrated in the centre of London, and the borough of Hounslow is suffering something of a cat dearth:

Où sont les chats?

I then recalled that Catorze DOES feature on a U.K. cat map. I have a friend in America who not only created such a map, but has planned a month-long tour of the U.K. later this year to meet all the cats in person/feline, having read about them online. And her final hurrah before returning home will be Hallowe’en weekend here at Le Château with Sa Maj.

Here is my friend’s cat map. Only three months until she will be with us, assuming that Covid doesn’t scupper her plans again.

Cat Tour of the U.K.

24 thoughts on “La carte des chats

    1. The Covid situation is so precarious that I never know quite which way it’ll go, but I hope so too!


  1. Louis is famous all over the world. I’m lucky to know him and I also hope your friend will be allowed to come to the UK despite the pandemic.

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  2. That’s a true “cat lady”! 😺 Love the map towel. If it were a kitchen curtain, when closed, the map would display in full…I imagine that if you were to attach a GPS to Catorze, you would be astonished as to what a “map” of his travels would reveal 🤣

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    1. It’s been suggested a few times, and I agree that it would be great to know what he gets up to! The problem is that he, erm, doesn’t meet the minimum weight requirement …


        1. That’s true. Although birds are his prey! It would be so embarrassing to fit him with the same equipment as his prey! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  3. Oh, I’d love to do that kind of tour! I once visited (almost) all the cats in my neighbourhood so technically I could have made a map like that. That American person is very cool 🙂

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