La nouvelle ancienne assiette

Louis Catorze is nibbling from his black plate with considerable caution, the way a hungry person would if they were handed their favourite food in the world and told “It might be poisoned, or it might not”.

When he’s not eating, he sits by the plate and stares as if it were some strange alien being. But at least he’s eating SOMETHING. And – merci à Dieu – not only is he taking his pills, but he seems to be doing fine on his new dose of one a day.

Cat Daddy: “He’s not happy. Maybe he doesn’t like the look of his plate because the pellets are all over the place. It’s a mess.”

Me, sarcastically: “Are you suggesting that we arrange the pieces into a more aesthetically pleasing fashion?”

Cat Daddy, without a hint of irony: “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

Reluctantly, I pushed all the pellets together into a pile in the middle of the plate, to see if it would make a difference. Catorze sniffed the pile, then walked away.

We really don’t need this right now, what with Le Grand Changement de Nourriture only a few weeks away. But at least someone in the household seems to be having fun with it:

I’m fairly sure Catorze didn’t do this.

8 thoughts on “La nouvelle ancienne assiette

    1. I wondered that, too, but this is a plate from which he used to eat with no issues. Maybe because he’s getting old, his sight is getting worse?


  1. If Louis resembles his American cousin, DV, he may prefer his kibble/treats in a tight pile. I know… compared to Louis, my Cat Overlords are absolute savages. They’ll eat treats off the cold, unhygienic floor. But they protest when the treat piles aren’t tight enough, delimited enough, and/or pyramid-esque enough.

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    1. That may well be it, although he used to use this plate in the past. Maybe he’s just changed his mind!


    1. It has to be worth a try! Although Cat Daddy has a few other choice messages he’d like to write to Le Roi.


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