Je suis mon pire ennemi en personne (Partie 2)

Louis Catorze’s El Día de los Muertos cold-weather igloo comes out in autumn and remains in place until May. The little sod is always delighted and refuses to be removed from it during daylight hours. However, in late January, he suddenly stopped sleeping in it.

At first we didn’t think much of it but then we felt bad that we hadn’t checked for something nasty in the igloo (massive pile of puke, dead rat, mummified human body part plundered from some ancient burial ground, that kind of thing).

I peered into the igloo upon returning home after a walk to discover … a huge clump of cat hair. Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs: Catorze’s OWN DISGUSTO-FUR has repulsed him enough to propel him out of his favourite place and send him searching for alternative sleeping spots.

Anyway, the igloo has been cleaned, la personne royale has been brushed and normal service has resumed. As you were.

Zoom in for the tiniest glimpse of fang.

17 thoughts on “Je suis mon pire ennemi en personne (Partie 2)

        1. Haha, remind me of when Catorze came trotting in with his first kill … which actually turned out to be a lump of fur that I’d pulled off his brush and tossed outside!

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  1. I’m certain he considers it absolutely scandalous that his staff should expect his royal personnage to slumber in soiled quarters, Madame! It matters not who did the soiling…🙀 Consider yourselves fortunate that you have not received notice of removal of your services to Sa Maj; after all, it is certain that any of his faithful followers would be honored to pick up the mantle of Royal Offensive Matter Remover. 😼

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