J’adore la laine

I am in a race against time to knit a set of scarves by 25th December. A late start (my own fault, I know) and a series of wool catastrophes have resulted in me running way, way behind schedule. Obviously this means I could do without any individuals larking about with my knitting. That goes without saying, non?

Imagine my dismay, then, when I came downstairs yesterday morning to this:

Also: how?

My first thought was that Cat Daddy must have had too much wine the night before and somehow ended up tangled in the wool. Cat Daddy was shocked and a little insulted when I asked him this but I still maintain that it was not an unfair assumption, especially as there was an empty wine bottle and glass on the worktop (see first photo).

This only leaves Louis Catorze, and he’s supposed to be ill. He’s also not supposed to be on the worktop, and I’m profoundly disappointed that my mastermind idea for keeping him off – placing him there to give him his medication – seems to have run its course after many, many years of success.

Anyway, I have now lost precious knitting time by having to instead spend it untangling the mess, and the chances of our friends receiving the scarves by Christmas are diminishing faster than our hopes of a Brexit deal. The culprit is relaxing on his daddy’s lap, without a care in the world:

Catorze is all out of shits to give.

15 thoughts on “J’adore la laine

    1. Deffo the yarn. If I were to feel dismayed every time I saw Cat Daddy’s empty wine bottles, I would be spending a LOT of my time feeling dismayed.

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  1. Me thinks Sa Maj may have enjoyed a bit o’ the grape, spotted the festive red yarn and lured Cat Daddy into his scheme with the pretense of making you a Christmas gift ? “S’il te plait, Papa, c’est pour Maman et je suis solement un pauvre chaton qui veut faire un jolie echarpe” Cue “Bad boys” song in the background 😼

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  2. King Louis is beyond reproach. The yarn and the person knitting are to blame for putting temptation out there and then expecting him to resist. NOT GUILTY!

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      1. There is nothing to be sorry for. I’m hardly online these days. However, we may need to start a Go Fund Me for the King’s defense fund… I know a bit about felines and yarn… It is a frame-up, without question.

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  3. Not to blame the victim here, but is this really a surprise? I seem to recall a time Catorze located a scarf hidden in the attic and helpfully furred it to make it even warmer. Leaving the knitting out in plain sight… well, it’s just a little too easy, isn’t it?

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    1. Humph. Maybe it was a double-bluff: “make it so temptingly obvious that he will ignore it”. Didn’t work, though, did it? 🤣🤣🤣

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