Avaler la pilule sans la mâcher

Two days ago, I posted about Louis Catorze happily eating his medication in Pill Pockets. Naturellement, as soon as that post went live – LITERALLY THAT SAME MORNING – he decided he wasn’t going to do it anymore.

Lately he has had some ravenously hungry moments, clearing serving after serving of food and then circling his empty bowl like a hungry shark with its eyes locked on an injured seal. So we were pretty confident that he would continue take his pills with no problems. But: nope.

Me, after the first pill failure: “This isn’t good. His Gabapentin pills need to be taken 12 hours apart, and we’ve stuffed that up now.”

Cat Daddy, without looking up from his laptop: “You’re going to have to Greco* him.”

Me: “But it’s two pills [the Gabapentin and the Prednisolone]. How do I Greco two pills? It’s bad enough Grecoing one.”

Cat Daddy, still not looking up from his laptop: “Yeah, it’s going to be a tough one for you.”

Well, thanks for that helpful input.

*If you are new to Le Blog, this link fully explains what “Greco” means: https://louiscatorze.com/2017/01/07/la-pilule-est-dure-a-avaler/

Worse yet, Le Roi had sloped off to have a nap under our bed. So not only would l have to go through the worst experience known to mankind, TWICE, but I would have to wriggle under the bed on my belly to drag Catorze’s arse out first.

Anyway, the deed was done in one shot. I think the poor little sod was so taken aback at the rude awakening that all he could manage in response was a little quack, like a duck. I flung both pills into his mouth at once, did the throat rubby thing and – merci à Dieu et à tous ses anges – it worked.

And, as soon as it was over, he decided that he WAS hungry after all and headed for his bowl. Luckily, because I know what a bastard he is, I had taken out the first set of pills just minutes beforehand – and what a good thing, too, because a double-pilled Roi on a full moon would just be too much.

Here he is, recovering from the trauma on his favourite lap:

The drugs don’t work. They just make him worse.

14 thoughts on “Avaler la pilule sans la mâcher

  1. We can only acknowledge your difficulty. And maybe CD can help hold him, since it is difficult to “burrito” a cat, hold him in the wrap, pry open his mouth and then insert the pill if you only have two hands…

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    1. I’ve heard much about the burrito method and I fear it adds a level of complexity that’s not manageable. Having to deal with a wriggling cat AND the towel AND the pill … 😱😱😱 I can imagine it being like a matador trying to deal with a very small but raging bull … 🇪🇸

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  2. Cats and medication… most of the time a horror story. Mr. Bowie however, was a very easy cat to handle. Ear and eyes drops, pills… no problemo at all.
    Wishing you good luck with Louis Catorze’s treatment!

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  3. Pomme has to have a pill every day. Which she hates. Having checked with the vet, we now crush the pill, and add it to butter. Then grab her and smear it around her mouth, ears or anywhere she might wash. She has now, however, become wily about the time we do it, and disappears until the coast is “clear”. Luckily her greed always gets the better of her, and when she sneaks out to steal other cats’ food we grab her then

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  4. The only way to get something into Clancy was to “Greco” him, after which he bit you between the thumb and first finger – just to share the pain. He was frequently on prednisone for asthma. In 17 1/2 years it never got any easier. He seemed to take a perverse pleasure knowing that after he bit he wouldn’t get punished because you started it.

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    1. Well, he was right! It was self-defence! Catorze has never bitten during Grecoing, but he’s kicked and screamed. 😐


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