Manger comme un Roi

Louis Catorze is now on two sets of pills – Prednisolone and Gabapentin – twice a day. And the little sod is happily eating them in Pill Pockets. He doesn’t seem to be acting any differently although, with this combination being the equivalent of smoking weed and taking amphetamines together, most likely they cancel one another out.

His food changeover is going well. (Well, it’s about time something did, n’est-ce pas?) He loved Lily’s Kitchen Fabulous Fish when we switched him to there from Acana Pacifica, but he loves the Cool Cat Club food even more.

To prevent him from picking it away from the rest of his food, I started to bury the precious nuggets of Cool Cat Club food under a pile of Marvellously Mature. But the little sod was one step ahead of me, and he dug it out like a tiny, toothy truffling pig. So I mixed the foods together in the dispenser, rather like a trail mix type thing, in the hope that this would help the two flavours to combine and that Catorze would be too stupid to know which was which.

It worked. He ate both. Then he sat at our feet for the next half hour, alternating between creepy, statue-still, bug-eyed staring and ear-bleedingly excruciating screaming.

Me: “What’s WRONG with him?”

Cat Daddy: “He does this to me all the time when you’re at work.”

Me: “Yes, but what does he want? It surely can’t be more food? He doesn’t like food. He’s never liked food.”

When I got up to move away from him because he was giving me the creeps, he ran to his empty plate. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

In the six years that he has lived with us (Cat Daddy: “Dear God, is that all it it’s been?”) he has been on three different brands of food, each one ditched for various reasons. The Cool Cat Club is the fourth and it certainly seems to be ticking all the boxes so far, so let’s hope it’s the one to stay.

Nothing marvellous or mature about this.

18 thoughts on “Manger comme un Roi

    1. Would you believe he’s actually LOST weight and is now tipping the scales at a less portly 3.71kg.


  1. I can’t edit, but I should mention my comment was made largely in jest, though I am a little ashamed of CD for not realising that’s what His Majesty’s yelling was all about xD

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    1. Haha, don’t worry, I knew that! Although Catorze hasn’t liked food in all the time we’ve known him, so it was something of a shock.

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  2. Gabapentin made Chase sleepy when he was on it for his pancreatitis before he passed. A dog I had while growing up took prednisolone. We couldn’t fill him up either. I think the steroid increases their appetite. That dog was a weird eater, too, and he had awful skin allergies. My mother used to open cans of tuna for the dog, and he’d inhale them – only thing he’d ever eat. He was a crotchety, strange little creature.

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    1. Yup, Gabapentin knocked Sa Maj out when he had his tail-chewing problem. And steroids make him eat more and go a bit psycho. 😱

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    1. Thanks, although he’s stopped taking his pills and restarted again since the post went live! He certainly keeps us guessing! 😩

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