Le banquet du pêcheur

Lily’s Kitchen have renamed Fabulous Fish as Fisherman’s Feast. I know. I’ll just pause for a minute or two to let that bombshell sink in.

This is such a big deal that even Cat Daddy has an opinion on it.

Cat Daddy: “I like Fabulous Fish much better than Fisherman’s Feast.”

Me: “So do I.”

Him: “I mean, it’s not actually a fisherman’s feast at all, is it?”

Me: “It isn’t.”

Him: “No fisherman would want to eat that.”

Me: “They wouldn’t.”

According to Lily’s Kitchen the formulation remains unchanged, so Louis Catorze should be able to continue to enjoy it as normal. But we are mildly irked by the name change, especially as the dogs’ version of the same food is called Salmon Supper, which is far more accurate and dignified than Fisherman’s Feast.

Luckily Catorze remains unaffected by this life-changing news, plus we decant the food into a dispenser before it reaches him, anyway, so nobody need know. Here is the little sod’s assiette royale, on his spring-summer serving mat, waiting for him to tuck in:

“What a feast!” said no fisherman ever.

10 thoughts on “Le banquet du pêcheur

  1. Perhaps this is the unfortunate result of a feline focus group? Cats get a kick out of stealing things from their humans. Offered a choice between a dish of fabulous fish, prepared just for them, and an identical dish, containing a fisherman’s dinner, of course the cats went for the fisherman’s dinner and the poor fisherman went hungry and the focus group cats cared not one bit.

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    1. That sounds like VERY plausible and logical reasoning. Identical meals, but consuming one would inconvenience nobody and consuming the other would be highly disrespectful to the poor humans who had sourced said meal? No contest!


  2. I’m thinking it might also be Fisherman’s Feast in the sense of, a feast prepared by a fisherman for his cat? Rather than a feast for the fisherman to eat. But definitely stealing a fisherman’s dinner sounds like a plausible scenario

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