Le lit du Roi

Oscar the dog’s human sister came over recently for some Louis Catorze time. They spent a lovely afternoon together, playing with cat toys and old cardboard boxes, and Catorze was on his best behaviour, the way he always is when guests come so that nobody believes us when we complain about what a psycho he is. He played happily with her and meowed sweetly every time she spoke to him. (Yes, they regularly have actual conversations, with her speaking and him replying.)

Dog Sister’s time with Catorze is also teaching her more and more about the differences between cats and dogs, as demonstrated here:

Dog Sister: “What’s that box?”

Me: “That’s Louis’s bed.”

Her: “But it says “Cats are NOT permitted …””

Me: “Yup. That’s cats for you.”

During her visit Dog Sister decided to renovate Catorze’s bed by filling it with old cushions that we were going to throw away, and now he can’t get enough of it. His upgraded bed is his new favourite place, so much so that he even stayed put here during the beautician’s first visit since lockdown, instead of following her upstairs, rolling on all her stuff and screaming at her. The best thing is that he sleeps here most of the night, which means he isn’t annoying us, nor is he out picking fights with the local wildlife.

Here he is, enjoying the handiwork of his best buddy:

Yes, he has more beds than we do. Et alors?

14 thoughts on “Le lit du Roi

  1. Ha ! How clever of Oscar’s Human Sister to make up his new bed ! If you had done ity, he would have never gone near it again ! Maybe you can engage her to nudge him subtly in the way of other desirable behaviors !

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    1. We’ve had some very windy nights with it blowing a gale outside, and high winds turn him into an absolute maniac all night. So being left alone to sleep is bliss!

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  2. How sweet 😊 As my cats aged, frequent day play wore them out sufficiently to insure they’d sleep most of the night. Perhaps Oscars’ sister needs to visit more often. A king does tire of royal games with only his staff, after all 😸

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