Les amis pour toujours

A few days ago my friend Laura, whom I hadn’t seen since before lockdown and who also has a French cat, came by for a doorstep chat.

Louis Catorze was asleep in his box when she arrived (yes, the one labelled “Cats are not permitted to sit inside this box”) but he came out to greet her. He purred, flirted, nuzzled and rolled as if welcoming a long-lost friend, and I was so proud to have such a well-mannered boy.

My pride didn’t last long.

Shortly afterwards, Blue the Smoke Bengal and his mamma also came out to say hello and, whilst Laura was delighted to have double the cat value for her visit, Catorze let the side down rather badly by cornering Blue in That Neighbour’s garden and meowing in his face. Then the pair of them just sat there, and I had absolutely no idea what to do about it.

I had dreadful visions of trying to retrieve one or other little sod and That Neighbour coming out of his house at precisely that moment, wanting to know why I was scrambling undignifiedly among his plant pots. And I didn’t dare leave them unsupervised in case a fight broke out and That Neighbour ended up having to escort TWO miscreant cats off his premises instead of just one. (Yes, he does know both cats by sight. And, yes, he also knows where they live.)

So I just stood by uselessly and did nothing at all.

Luckily both cats decided to end their deadlock and return home, and That Neighbour is none the wiser. But I am, once again, mystified as to why Catorze would be disagreeable towards a cat who appears to want to be friends with him. This must be exactly what it’s like to have the awful kid whom nobody likes, and who is only invited to parties because the other parents are trying to be polite. If he were our human kid we’d be making him write a letter of apology right now, denying him his supper until he wrote it like he meant it.

Laura took this photo during the stand-off, and you can just about make out Blue’s rear end among the plant pots behind him.

Laura thinks the little sod looks cute. I think he looks creepy as hell and not remotely like someone I’d want as a friend.

I blame the parents.

9 thoughts on “Les amis pour toujours

  1. Alas, we don’t have visiting felines here. Madame Colette is in charge and she doesn’t like cats, dogs… Fortunately, she does tolerate one human.

    Just before reading this post, I read one by a strong introvert (like moi) on six pet peeves about her housemates. My mind immediately drew up a list of what the two divas would have to meow on the subject.

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  2. Probably Catorze is nasty to Blue simply because Blue is trying to be friends. Yes, he IS one of THOSE people. But at least THAT neighbor was spared. And the humans had a good visit didn’t they ? No point in being embarrassed about your kid when everyone knows what he is like,

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    1. It’s true that everyone knows what he’s like. There are only so many times we can use the “It must’ve been some other cat” excuse … 😳


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