L’enfer, c’est les chats noirs

The good thing about having a black cat is that, when they raise hell, you can pretend it was some other cat and not yours. And the chances of anyone proving otherwise, beyond all reasonable doubt, are slim. If they raise hell at night it’s even better, because the darkness hides them and therefore there is zero proof.

However, Little Sods’ Law decrees that a black cat is most likely to raise hell as follows:

1. In broad daylight.

2. When the entire neighbourhood is at home to witness the carnage.

3. When the cat is sporting a unique piece of headgear making it impossible to mistake them for anyone else.

I turned my back for SECONDS to put the kettle on, then heard the most God-awful shrieking. When I went to investigate, I was met with this:

At least they’re 2 metres apart.

The screeching was coming from the green parakeet pictured on the wires, who was hollering at Louis Catorze with all its might. Yes, Catorze is on Oscar the dog’s territory. No, I have no idea how he got there. And, yes, he now has a new self-harm wound which means he will be Côned for EVEN LONGER until it heals.

He is now sleeping off the excitement in the living room, right where I can see him. I, in the meantime, am Googling animal cages (size: XS) and wondering if they can deliver within the hour.

22 thoughts on “L’enfer, c’est les chats noirs

      1. If he were a person, I wonder if we would like him. I had a black lady cat that was so temperamental. She’d sit on your lap but if you touched her shed claw you until you bled. I always said if she were a person, no one would like her.

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          1. Also, we’ve had 2 black cats. Both feisty. My husband does not want another black cat although I tell him the personality isn’t associated with the color of the fur. He’s not convinced that all black cats aren’t a little mad.

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            1. There is deffo a link between colour and character! Gingers = arrogant and love themselves. Torties = moody. Blacks = psychopaths.

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            2. We have a tortie. Queen of the pack for sure! The two grays are sociable. That’s part of why we got the second gray. We also have a tuxedo and she is a lot of fun but it’s all about her.

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  1. Aww Mom!
    And by now you know a cat is gonna Cat especially if it means that fir that brief shining moment he could forget about his skin condition and his awful crown. Gotta love his hunger for life! 💖

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