Les petites pilules irrégulières

I don’t know whether collecting Louis Catorze’s medication from the vet is something that most would class as an “essential journey” but, yesterday – BEFORE the announcement from our esteemed leader, I might add – it was essential to us.

The little sod’s next steroid shot is due in the first week of April and, because we have no idea what state the world will be in by then, we contacted the vet to ask about a tablet version that we could administer at home. Catorze is quite hit and miss when it comes to pills – sometimes he will happily eat them in a Pill Pocket, sometimes he won’t – but we can’t risk injection time coming around and us not being allowed to leave the house.

We walked the seven minutes or so to the vet practice just before 6pm, when we knew the streets would be quieter, having paid for the pills over the phone beforehand. When we arrived, the nurse put down the bottle on the doorstep and I picked it up after she had closed the door. It’s all quite surreal and strange, like some post-apocalyptic horror film, and the ominous sense of dread increased in triplicate when I realised that it wasn’t just one or two pills but a course of two a day, for two weeks. Oh. Mon. Dieu.

Here is Catorze, using his quarantine time to project some very artistic shadow shapes with Le Cône. Please stay safe, everyone.

And that’s why they call him the Sun King.

11 thoughts on “Les petites pilules irrégulières

    1. So glad you are all ok. At least we know it can’t be transported by pets as Catorze would probably have been the most prolific carrier, going into random gardens to snuggle random neighbours. At least being Côned we know he can’t leave the garden (apart from those 2-3 times that he escaped).

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  1. I know a lot of people are worried about whether they can still go to the vet, but the answer is YES! Henry (our oldest) is not doing well, so I’ll be phoning the vet and see what they say. Glad you have a gorgeous garden at least to be able to relax in with the little sod xxxxx

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  2. I picked up some meds for my cat earlier this week. Call ahead, pay ahead and wait in the car. I stuck my hand out the car window and someone handed me a paper bag. It felt like I had leprosy although I get it. I was just grateful I could get it. Two pills a day? Mon Dieu! You’re gonna die!

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  3. If getting human medicine is essential, getting medicine for our furry family members should be as well. And it sounds like the vet is on top of the social distancing. Take care

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